Commit a4c5239b authored by Fabio Monti's avatar Fabio Monti
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handle intermediate higgs decays, e.g. hzz4l

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......@@ -127,7 +127,7 @@ class HBRscaler():
# process must have the syntax production_whatever_BR1(BR2)
# e.g. ggHH_kl_1_kt_1_2016_hbbhgg, or ttH_2016_Ilikepizza_hzz
BRstr = process.split('_')[-1]
proc_f_BR_scalings = ['CVktkl_BRscal_h'+x for x in BRstr.split('h')[1:]]
proc_f_BR_scalings = ['CVktkl_BRscal_h'+x[:2] for x in BRstr.split('h')[1:] ]#[1:] because first substring is always empty, [:3] because we want only the first 3 characters oH decay, e.g. hzz4l --> hzz
# make sure that at least one BR is parsed, and that they are all supported
if len(proc_f_BR_scalings)==0:
raise Exception("error parsing branching ratio(s) from {} for signal process {}".format(
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