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FTS-1734: Adapt response to /delegation/<delegation_id> to assure backwards...

FTS-1734: Adapt response to /delegation/<delegation_id> to assure backwards compatiblity with the old fts-rest clients
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......@@ -241,12 +241,18 @@ class view(Delegation):
user = flask.request.environ["fts3.User.Credentials"]
user_agent = flask.request.environ.get("HTTP_USER_AGENT", None)
if not user_agent:
log.debug("No HTTP_USER_AGENT header found")
if dlg_id != user.delegation_id:
raise Forbidden("The requested ID and the credentials ID do not match")
cred = Session.query(Credential).get((user.delegation_id, user.user_dn))
if not cred:
ret = None
if isinstance(user_agent, str) and user_agent.startswith("PycURL"):
return ret # FTS-1734: Assure backwards compatibility with old clients who expect a null response
ret = {
"termination_time": cred.termination_time,
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