Commit 0c5c6433 authored by Maria Arsuaga Rios's avatar Maria Arsuaga Rios
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FTS-705: reuse jobs with small files

parent 99b53d57
......@@ -456,6 +456,7 @@ class JobBuilder(object):
for file_dict in files_list:
self._populate_files(file_dict, f_index, shared_hashed_id)
f_index += 1
if len(self.files) == 0:
raise HTTPBadRequest('No valid pairs available')
......@@ -484,7 +485,15 @@ class JobBuilder(object):
if (self.job['source_se'] and self.job['dest_se']) :
small_files = 0
for file in self.files:
if (self.files[f_index]['user_filesize']) < 104857600:
small_files +=1
if small_files >= len(self.files) - 2:
reuse_flag = 'Y'"Reuse jobs with "+small_files+" small files up to "+len(self.files)+" total files")
# If reuse is enabled, source and destination SE must be the same
# for all entries
if reuse_flag == 'Y' and (not self.job['source_se'] or not self.job['dest_se']):
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