Commit 13787df4 authored by Andrea Manzi's avatar Andrea Manzi
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FTS-1295: apply workaround for pycurl on el7

parent 4c632dee
......@@ -40,13 +40,25 @@ def apply_pycurl_workaround():
os.system('pip install --build %s %s/pycurl' % (tmp_dir, tmp_dir))
# On EL7, you will probably have trouble installing pycurl due to this:
# which has not yet released
# so we need to install a previos version of pycurl with
# pip install build/pycurl
def apply_pycurl_workaround_on_el7():
print "Applying workaround for pycurl in EL7"
is_pycurl_installed = (os.system('pip list | grep pycurl &> /dev/null') == 0)
if not is_pycurl_installed:
os.system('pip install pycurl%s --global-option="--with-nss"' % pycurl_ver)
# Ugly hack to pick a version that compiles in SLC6
pycurl_ver = '>= 7.19, <='
dist = platform.dist()
if dist[0] in ('redhat', 'centos'):
os_major = dist[1].split('.')[0]
if os_major == '7':
pycurl_ver = '=='
if os_major == '6':
pycurl_ver = '==7.19.0'
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