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Added release notes for 3.2.26

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Release Notes - FTS - Version fts-rest 3.2.26
## Bug
* [[FTS-87]]( - REST does not set the file's job_finished and finished_time when canceling
* [[FTS-88]]( - For jobs with multiple replicas, each file index must be mapped to one single hashed id
* [[FTS-95]]( - REST: Default configuration is way too verbose
* [[FTS-96]]( - REST: Expects option optimizer in fts3config, but it may not be there
* [[FTS-101]]( - selinux doesn't let logging do the logrotate
* [[FTS-102]]( - Error: Can't reconnect until invalid transaction is rolled back
## Improvement
* [[FTS-98]]( - Remove protocol pair limitations
* [[FTS-99]]( - Remove limitation of the job list lenght
* [[FTS-106]]( - Optimize REST queries
## New Feature
* [[FTS-74]]( - Rest: Make sure rfc proxies are supported
* [[FTS-84]]( - LHCb request: blacklisting support using REST cli and libs
* [[FTS-85]]( - LHCb request: snapshot support using REST cli and libs
* [[FTS-97]]( - Add source and destination to transfer list filters
* [[FTS-103]]( - Hack: Use agent_dn to mark submissions received by REST
* [[FTS-105]]( - Allow to skip the certificate validation in the REST client impl
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