Commit 254d0231 authored by Maria Arsuaga Rios's avatar Maria Arsuaga Rios
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FTS:705 Only change reuse_flag when is None

parent f0d3e470
......@@ -399,11 +399,14 @@ class JobBuilder(object):
Initializes the list of transfers
reuse_flag = 'N'
reuse_flag = None
if self.params['multihop']:
reuse_flag = 'H'
elif _safe_flag(self.params['reuse']):
reuse_flag = 'Y'
elif self.params['reuse'] is not None:
reuse_flag = 'N'
self.is_bringonline = self.params['copy_pin_lifetime'] > 0 or self.params['bring_online'] > 0
......@@ -491,8 +494,8 @@ class JobBuilder(object):
# for all entries
if reuse_flag == 'Y' and (not self.job['source_se'] or not self.job['dest_se']):
raise HTTPBadRequest('Reuse jobs can only contain transfers for the same source and destination storage')
if (self.job['source_se'] and self.job['dest_se']) :
if (self.job['source_se'] and self.job['dest_se'] and reuse_flag is None) :
small_files = 0
for file in self.files:
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