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FTS-1135 VERIFYHOST can only be 0 or 2 in CC7 curl

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......@@ -35,9 +35,10 @@ class PycurlRequest(object):
def _set_ssl(self):
self.curl_handle.setopt(pycurl.SSL_VERIFYPEER, self.verify)
self.curl_handle.setopt(pycurl.SSL_VERIFYHOST, self.verify)
if self.verify:
self.curl_handle.setopt(pycurl.SSL_VERIFYHOST, 2)
self.curl_handle.setopt(pycurl.SSL_VERIFYHOST, 0)
if self.ucert:
self.curl_handle.setopt(pycurl.SSLCERT, self.ucert)
if self.ukey:
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