Commit 35a5ac20 authored by Maria Arsuaga Rios's avatar Maria Arsuaga Rios
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FTS-442:Adding different parameters for s3

parent 8b71bdb9
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......@@ -98,8 +98,8 @@ function saveS3User(storage_name, form)
var msg = {
user_dn: form.find("input[name='user-dn']").val(),
vo_name: form.find("input[name='vo-name']").val(),
access-key: form.find("input[name='access-key']").val(),
secret-key: form.find("input[name='secret-key']").val(),
access-key: form.find("input[name='access-token']").val(),
secret-key: form.find("input[name='access-secret']").val(),
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