Commit 43793775 authored by Alejandro Alvarez Ayllon's avatar Alejandro Alvarez Ayllon
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FTS-299: Try default proxy location

parent ff46e74c
......@@ -59,7 +59,13 @@ def _get_x509_list(cert):
return x509_list
# Base class for actors
def _get_default_proxy():
Returns the default proxy location
return "/tmp/x509up_u%d" % os.geteuid()
class Context(object):
def _read_passwd_from_stdin(self, *args, **kwargs):
......@@ -68,19 +74,19 @@ class Context(object):
return self.passwd
def _set_x509(self, ucert, ukey):
if not ukey:
if ucert:
ukey = ucert
elif 'X509_USER_PROXY' in os.environ:
ukey = os.environ['X509_USER_PROXY']
elif 'X509_USER_KEY' in os.environ:
ukey = os.environ['X509_USER_KEY']
if not ucert:
default_proxy_location = _get_default_proxy()
# User certificate and key locations
if ucert and not ukey:
ukey = ucert
elif not ucert:
if 'X509_USER_PROXY' in os.environ:
ucert = os.environ['X509_USER_PROXY']
ukey = ucert = os.environ['X509_USER_PROXY']
elif os.path.exists(default_proxy_location):
ukey = ucert = default_proxy_location
elif 'X509_USER_CERT' in os.environ:
ucert = os.environ['X509_USER_CERT']
ukey = os.environ.get('X509_USER_KEY', ucert)
if ucert and ukey:
self.x509_list = _get_x509_list(ucert)
......@@ -115,10 +121,10 @@ class Context(object):
self.ucert = self.ukey = None
if not self.ucert and not self.ukey:
logging.warning("No user certificate given!")
log.warning("No user certificate given!")
logging.debug("User certificte: %s" % self.ucert)
logging.debug("User private key: %s" % self.ukey)
log.debug("User certificate: %s" % self.ucert)
log.debug("User private key: %s" % self.ukey)
def _set_endpoint(self, endpoint):
self.endpoint = endpoint
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