Commit 53205ce4 authored by Alejandro Alvarez Ayllon's avatar Alejandro Alvarez Ayllon
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FTS-704: Test to catch regression introduced

If reuse is set to false for a multiple replica, it is a no-op
parent a6ff2ada
......@@ -154,6 +154,40 @@ class TestMultiple(TestController):
uniq_hashes = set(map(lambda f: f.hashed_id, db_job.files))
self.assertEqual(len(uniq_hashes), 1)
def test_submit_with_alternatives3(self):
Same as before, but reuse is set explicitly to False, which should be a no-op
(Regression bug)
job = {
'files': [
'sources': ['', ''],
'destinations': [''],
'selection_strategy': 'orderly',
'checksum': 'adler32:1234',
'filesize': 1024,
'activity': 'something something',
'metadata': {'mykey': 'myvalue'},
'params': {'reuse': False}
answer ="/jobs",
# Validate job in the database
job_id = json.loads(answer.body)['job_id']
db_job = Session.query(Job).get(job_id)
self.assertEqual(db_job.job_type, 'R')
def test_submit_multiple_transfers(self):
Submit one job with multiple independent transfers
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