Commit 5a95cdf0 authored by Mihai Patrascoiu's avatar Mihai Patrascoiu
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Change faulty equality checks into assignments surrounding job type and AutoSessionReuse logic

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......@@ -594,7 +594,7 @@ class JobBuilder(object):
raise HTTPBadRequest('Reuse jobs can only contain transfers for the same source and destination storage')
if job_type == 'Y' and (self.job['source_se'] and self.job['dest_se']) and len(self.files) > min_reuse_files:
self.job['job_type'] == 'Y'
self.job['job_type'] = 'Y'
if job_type == 'N' and not self.is_multiple:
self.job['job_type'] = 'N'
......@@ -609,7 +609,7 @@ class JobBuilder(object):
if auto_session_reuse == 'true' and not self.is_multiple and not self.is_bringonline and len(self.files) > min_reuse_files:
if ((self.job['source_se']) and (self.job['dest_se']) and (job_type is None) and (len(self.files) > 1)):
if len(self.files) > max_reuse_files:
self.job['job_type'] == 'N'
self.job['job_type'] = 'N'
log.debug("The number of files " + str(len(self.files)) + " is bigger than the auto maximum reuse files " + str(max_reuse_files))
small_files = 0
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