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FTS-1426: Document Context get_endpoint_info() method

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......@@ -59,16 +59,28 @@ The endpoint to use corresponds to the FTS instance REST server and it must have
for instance
If you are using a proxy certificate, you can either specify only user_certificate, or point both parameters
to the proxy.
user_certificate and user_key can be safely omitted, and the program will use the values
defined in the environment variables `X509_USER_PROXY` or `X509_USER_CERT + X509_USER_KEY`.
The user_certificate and user_key parameters can be safely omitted, and the program will use
the values defined in the `X509_USER_PROXY` or `X509_USER_CERT + X509_USER_KEY` environment variables.
If verify is False, the server certificate will not be verified.
Additionally, the `Context` object provides a method `get_endpoint_info()` to retrieve information
about the endpoint, after it has passed validation. This method returns a dictionary
with relevant information about the endpoint:
- url: the endpoint URL string
- delegation: `{major, minor, patch}` delegation version dictionary
- core: `{major, minor, patch}` FTS server version dictionary
- api: `{major, minor, patch}` REST API version dictionary
- schema: `{major, minor, patch}` schema version dictionary
Note: the same info can be obtained via a GET request
to the `https://<host>:<port>/` address of the FTS REST endpoint
### whoami
Queries the server to see how does it see us
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