Commit 89ecb42d authored by andreamanzi's avatar andreamanzi Committed by Alejandro Alvarez Ayllon
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FTS-1041: Add duration parameter

parent fa3fc63f
......@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@
from base import Base
from import Delegator as Deleg
from datetime import timedelta
class Delegator(Base):
......@@ -34,10 +34,14 @@ class Delegator(Base):
default=False, action='store_true',
help='force the delegation')
self.opt_parser.add_option('-H', '--hours', dest='duration',
default=12, type='int',
help='Duration of the delegation in hours (Default: 12)')
def run(self):
context = self._create_context()
delegator = Deleg(context)
delegation_id = delegator.delegate(force=self.options.force)
delegation_id = delegator.delegate(lifetime=timedelta(hours=self.options.duration),force=self.options.force)"Delegation id: %s" % delegation_id)
self.logger.debug("Termination time: %s" % delegator.get_info()['termination_time'])
return delegation_id
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