Commit 91047359 authored by Aris Angelogiannopoulos's avatar Aris Angelogiannopoulos
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Add fts-rest-oauth2 to default fts-rest installation instructions

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......@@ -13,6 +13,12 @@ To connect to a MySQL database, you will need to install MySQL-python
yum install MySQL-python
To authenticate via OpenID Connect you will need to install fts-rest-oauth2
yum install fts-rest-oauth2
If you are installing in a different host, the steps are the same, but you will need to copy the FTS3 configuration file to the new host (since it is used by the rest front-end) and make sure you have installed the proper certificates under /etc/grid-security/certificates.
If you have enabled SELinux, for convenience you can install fts-rest-selinux, which contains the rules needed to have REST working (i.e. allow Apache to connect to the database, allow Apache to bind to 8446)
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