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Prepare release 3.7

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FTS-REST 3.7 - Thu Jul 26 2017
- [[FTS-795]]( - Generalize Checksums in REST
- [[FTS-796]]( - Generalize Checksums in Client
- [[FTS-984]] ( - Create corresponding tests
- [[FTS-882]]( - Some data management methods can leave a proxy behind
- [[FTS-886]]( - Web UI is not adapted to the fact that t_server_config now supports config per vo
- [[FTS-910]]( - When configuring changes, make sure data hasn't been truncated
- [[FTS-964]]( - If max_active == min_active, setup the fix value
- [[FTS-967]]( - Make sure setting the range always return the new configuration
- [[FTS-982]]( - Config interface problem with firefox
- [[FTS-1004]]( - Remove se from javascript
- [[FTS-793]]( - Provide an Optimizer API
##New Feature
- [[FTS-977]]( - Update fts-rest to the new config schema
- [[FTS-987]]( - Update FTS documentation for FTS Rest CLI
- [[FTS-661]]( - Add FTS-REST instance monitoring
- [[FTS-857]]( - REST on pilot gives json or html randomly
- [[FTS-965]]( - When setting the working range, bump the number of actives to min_active if lower
- [[FTS-1007]]( - Provide reason for the optimizer API
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