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### Fixed
## [v33r2][] - 2020-06-19
This is a bugfix release with just a couple of minor backward compatible improvements.
We also updated the LCG baseline version to [LCG 97a]( (ROOT 6.20/06).
This is the last release with the legacy CMake configuration. From the next release (v34r0)
we will use a modern CMake configuration (see gaudi/Gaudi!922 and gaudi/Gaudi!986 for details).
### Added
- Improve event context extension management (gaudi/Gaudi!1080)
- Introducing Set-semantics (gaudi/Gaudi!1066)
- Make gitlab use cpp syntax highlighting for icpp files (gaudi/Gaudi!1057)
### Fixed
- Fixes for ROOT master (gaudi/Gaudi!1071)
- Use fmtlib instead of `boost::format` (where possible) (gaudi/Gaudi!1046, gaudi/Gaudi#112)
- Conditions alg test, with stall debug info (gaudi/Gaudi!1092)
- Make sure the TES is cleaned by `EventLoopMgr` before finalize (gaudi/Gaudi!1082, LHCBPS-1850)
- Fix race condition between tests (gaudi/Gaudi!1074)
- Fix propagation of `StopIteration` exception (gaudi/Gaudi!1093, gaudi/Gaudi#129)
- Update HiveDataBroker to use C++20 ranges if available. (gaudi/Gaudi!1089)
- Fixes for C++20 (gaudi/Gaudi!1085)
- Fix thread-safety problem in GaudiHandle (gaudi/Gaudi!1084)
- Misc. sanitiser improvements (gaudi/Gaudi!1081)
- Make `GaudiHandleArray.__str__` consistent with `GaudiHandle.__str__` (gaudi/Gaudi!1070)
- Fix trivial typo in message (gaudi/Gaudi!1087)
- `GaudiConfig2`: fix unpickling of derived Configurables (gaudi/Gaudi!1076, gaudi/Gaudi#124)
- Remove data flow dumps or make them configurable (gaudi/Gaudi!1075)
- Change `StatusCode::orThrow` so that the return value can be ignored (gaudi/Gaudi!1073, gaudi/Gaudi#118)
- Fix bugs in `ThreadPoolSvc` (gaudi/Gaudi!1068)
- Sequence semantics update (gaudi/Gaudi!1069)
- Remove now unused `ATLAS_GAUDI_V21` and `HAVE_GAUDI_PLUGINSVC` definitions (gaudi/Gaudi!1062)
- Few fixes to `GaudiConfig2` (gaudi/Gaudi!1061)
- Fix compatibility with C++ GSL 3 (gaudi/Gaudi!1063, gaudi/Gaudi#121)
- Consolidate and optimize scheduling of blocking tasks (gaudi/Gaudi!1051)
- Do not run public headers build test on generated headers (gaudi/Gaudi!974)
- Add array `operator<<` into `SerializeSTL.h` (gaudi/Gaudi!1049)
- Dereference instead of `operator*` in `get_from_handle` to enable `Gaudi::Ranges` in `MergingTransformer`s (gaudi/Gaudi!1047)
- Fixes for `GetHostBinaryTag` (gaudi/Gaudi!1058)
- Remove unused capture of `this` in `MultiTransformerFilter` (gaudi/Gaudi!1059)
- Fix deprecated copy constructor warning in `StreamBuffer::ContainedLink` (gaudi/Gaudi!1060)
- `AlgExecStateSvc`: require minimum state size to be 1 (gaudi/Gaudi!1055)
- `IncidentSvc`: improve error reporting (gaudi/Gaudi!1054)
- Remove mention of deprecated `tbb::recursive_mutex` (gaudi/Gaudi!1053)
## [v33r1][] - 2020-03-23
This release contains multiple fixes and some ABI changes, in particular:
- `StatusCode` values not checked now produce a compile time warning.
......@@ -482,7 +527,8 @@ Details about old versions of the project can be found in the
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