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include $(CMTROOT)/src/Makefile.header
include $(CMTROOT)/src/constituents.make
# Package used to manage the Gaudi project packages
# No wildcards allowed
package GaudiRelease
version v19r2
branches doc cmt
# CMT and Gaudi policy
use GaudiPolicy v6r4
# Note for conditional use statements: only the tags which are defined
# at the level of CMT (and CMTSITE) can be used. This means that
# "Linux", "CERN" , "Darwin" etc are valid tags but not "slc3",
# "slc4_amd64" etc. If one needs to use those, this should be done at
# the level of the package itself with a "macro_remove constituents"
# Gaudi libraries - generic
use GaudiKernel v22r1
use GaudiSvc v15r2
macro gaudisitesvc_use "" \
CERN&Linux "GaudiSiteSvc v2r3"
use $(gaudisitesvc_use)
use GaudiAud v8r1
use GaudiAlg v9r12
use GaudiGSL v6r6
use GaudiUtils v1r0
# Technology-specific Persistency packages
# CERNLIB doesn't exist on slc3-amd64
macro hbookcnv_use "HbookCnv v14r10" \
Darwin ""
use $(hbookcnv_use)
use RootHistCnv v9r12
use GaudiPoolDb v2r11
use GaudiPython v8r14
# Container package specifying the mimimum set of core packages
use GaudiSys v19r2
# Grid utilities for prestaging files
macro gaudigridsvc_use "" \
slc3_ia32_gcc323 "GaudiGridSvc v1r1" \
slc3_ia32_gcc323_dbg "GaudiGridSvc v1r1"
use $(gaudigridsvc_use)
# Monitoring utility. Can use also MonaLisa
use GaudiMonitor v1r1
# Examples packages
use GaudiExamples v19r2
# Atlas packages
use PartPropSvc v2r4
#LHCb external packages
macro COOL_use "" LHCb "COOL v* LCG_Interfaces"
use ${COOL_use}
macro CORAL_use "" LHCb "CORAL v* LCG_Interfaces"
use ${CORAL_use}
macro RELAX_use "" LHCb "RELAX v* LCG_Interfaces"
use ${RELAX_use}
macro sqlite_use "" LHCb "sqlite v* LCG_Interfaces"
use $(sqlite_use)
macro HepMC_use "" LHCb "HepMC v* LCG_Interfaces"
use $(HepMC_use)
#LHCbGrid external packages
macro gfal_use "" LHCbGrid "gfal v* LCG_Interfaces"
use $(gfal_use)
macro CASTOR_use "" LHCbGrid "CASTOR v* LCG_Interfaces"
use $(CASTOR_use)
macro dcache_client_use "" LHCbGrid "dcache_client v* LCG_Interfaces"
use $(dcache_client_use)
macro oracle_use "" LHCbGrid "oracle v* LCG_Interfaces"
use $(oracle_use)
@echo off
call ..\cmt\setup.bat
call doxygen DoxyFile.cfg
# Doxygen configuration options for common look and feel
WARN_LOGFILE = ./DoxyWarnings.log
# Doxygen configuration file for Gaudi
PROJECT_NAME = "Gaudi Framework, version $(GAUDIVERS)"
INPUT = $(Gaudi_release_area)/GAUDI/GAUDI_$(GAUDIVERS)
# Additional directory in case doc is not built in release area
#INPUT += .
FILE_PATTERNS = *.cpp *.h *.icpp *DoxygenMain.doc
# Exclude generated dictionaries
EXCLUDE_PATTERNS = */dict/* */InstallArea/*
# Exclude tests
EXCLUDE_PATTERNS += */examples/*
EXCLUDE_PATTERNS += */GaudiExamples/*
EXCLUDE_PATTERNS += */slc3_*/*
EXCLUDE_PATTERNS += */slc4_*/*
EXCLUDE_PATTERNS += */win32_*/*
# (Temporary) Exclude obsolete configuration files
EXCLUDE_PATTERNS += */Gaudi/v15r3/* */Gaudi/v15r3p1/* */Gaudi/v15r3p2/*
@INCLUDE = DoxyCommon.cfg
@INCLUDE = dottool.cfg
@INCLUDE = DoxyTags.cfg
# Tagfiles and related commands for use in Gaudi doxygen doc
TAGFILES = $(GAUDISOFT)/GAUDI/doxytags/libstdc++.tag= \
$(LCG_release_area)/../spi/doc/doxygen/output/ROOT/$(ROOTVERS)/doxygen/html/ROOT_reference_tags.xml=$(ROOTVERS)/doxygen/html \
$(LCG_release_area)/../spi/doc/doxygen/output/SEAL/$(SEALVERS)/doxygen/html/SEAL_reference_tags.xml=$(SEALVERS)/doxygen/html \
<hr><address><small>Generated at $datetime for $projectname by
<a href="">
Doxygen</a> version $doxygenversion written by <a href="">Dimitri van Heesch</a>,
/** \mainpage notitle
* \anchor gaudidoxygenmain
* This is the code reference manual for the GAUDI framework. These pages have
* been generated directly from the code and reflect the exact state of the software.
* For a more comprehensive and guiding manual for the user of the framework there
* exists the User Guide accessible from the
* <a href=""> GAUDI Project Web page</a>.
* Use the links in the menu at the top of the page to navigate. In particular,
* the list of classes can be found <a href="annotated.html">here</a> or via
* the <a href="hierarchy.html">Class Hierarchy</a> link.
<h3>Version details</h3>
<table border="1" cellspacing="0" width="100%">
<td> Details of the constituent package versions are available
<a href="../../requirements">here</a>.<br>
The release notes (<a href="../release.notes.html">$(GAUDIVERS)</a>)
contain the details of changes since the previous release. </td>
<td><b>Supported platforms</b></td>
<td>Windows with VC++
7.1, Linux RedHat 7.3 with gcc-3.2.3 (released with debug and non debug versions)</td>
<a href="$(GAUDIVERS).tar.gz">GAUDI $(GAUDIVERS) </a></td>
<td>Gaudi Developers Guide <a href="">v2</a> ( <a href="">.pdf</a>, <a href="">.pdf
2up (for printing)</a>, <a href="">Sources (for editing)</a>)</td>
* See also: \ref externaldocs (from LCGCMT version $(LCGCMTVERS))
/** \page externaldocs Related external libraries
* \htmlonly <h3><center>(from LCGCMT version $(LCGCMTVERS))</h3></center>
<LI> <a href="$(SEALVERS)/doxygen/html/" target="_blank">$(SEALVERS)</A> (foundation)
<LI> <a href="" target="_blank">Boost $(BoostVERS)</A>
<LI> <a href="" target="_blank">uuid $(uuidVERS)</A>
<LI> <a href="" target="_blank">pcre $(PCREVERS)</A>
<LI> <a href="" target="_blank">GCC-XML $(GCCXMLVERS)</A>
<LI> <a href="$(AIDAVERS)/api/index.html" target="_blank">AIDA $(AIDAVERS)</A> (histogramming)
<LI> <a href="$(POOLVERS)/doxygen/html/" target="_blank">$(POOLVERS)</A> (persistency)
<LI> <a href="$(ROOTVERS)/doxygen/html/" target="_blank">ROOT $(ROOTVERS)</A> (persistency)
<LI> <a href="" target="_blank">Xerces-C $(XercesCVERS)</A>
<LI> <a href="" target="_blank">GNU Scientific Library (GSL) $(GSLVERS)</A>
<LI> <a href="$(PythonVERS)/" target="_blank">Python $(PythonVERS)</A> (scripting and interactivity)
See also:
<a href="" target="_blank">Standard Template Library</A>
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<center> $projectname</h1>
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<p align="right">Generated: $date
# append the commands to use dot tool
# append the commands to document also private and static members
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! === GaudiKernel v12r0 =================================================
! 20020408 Pere Mato
- Included ISvcLocator.h and IMessageSvc.h in Algorithm.h instead
of the existing forward declaration
! 20020405 Pere Mato
- Added two new accessors to AlgTool base class
templated service( name, svc, createif) to access any service
tooSvc() to access the tool service
! 20020327 Pere Mato
- Changes needed for Solaris (by Wim Lavrijsen). Details:
+++ GaudiKernel/src/Lib/Property.cpp
getQuotedItem() in unnamed namespace instead of static
+++ GaudiKernel/src/Lib/ModuleInfo.cpp
explicit cast added: "if ( 0 != ::dladdr((void*)System::moduleHandle,...
+++ GaudiKernel/src/Lib/System.cpp
in System::typeinfoName(), added a #elif defined(sun)
+++ GaudiKernel/CnvFactory.h
removed virtual inheritence in class CnvFactory & CnvFactory2
+++ GaudiKernel/ObjectFactory.h
removed virtual inheritence in class ObjectFactory & ObjectFactory2
! 20020315 Markus Frank
- Kernel.h
- MsgStream.h
Add operator<<(longlong), operator>>(longlong&)
- StreamBuffer.h
Add serialization for std::vector, std::list
Add operator<<(longlong), operator>>(longlong&)
- Converter.cpp
Do not dereference dataProvider if pointer is invalid
- TimePoint.h
Add StreamBuffer& operator<<(), StreamBuffer& operator>>(),
MsgStream& operator<<()
- TimePoint.h
Add MsgStream& operator<<()
- ITime.h
Add MsgStream& operator<<()
! 20020213 - Markus Frank
- Added clear() method to ObjectVector<T> and ObjectList<T>
clear() removes all elements from the ObjectVector and ObjectList<T>
! 20020215 Pere Mato
- Removed dependency with AIDA
- Eliminated the old IHistogramXXX interfaces. Users should use the
AIDA ones directly
- Changed ClassId.h and IHistogramSvc.h to include 3D histograms
! 20020225 Markus Frank
- Problem reported by Kambiz Mahboubi fixed concerning the
user defined random number generator (i.e. DefinedPdf)
- GaudiKernel/RndmGenerators.h
! 20020213 - Pere Mato
- Algorithm.cpp: Fixed bug
The status code of sysInitilize() of sub-algorithms was not
checked. Now it should fail and report an error.
=== GaudiSvc v9r0 =========================================================
! 20020407 Pere Mato
- Decrease dependency with HTL by addding -no_auto_imports
! 20020327 Pere Mato
- Changes needed for Solaris (by Wim Lavrijsen). Details:
+++ GaudiSvc/src/EventSelector/EventSelector.cpp
prepended "const"
+++ GaudiSvc/src/MessageSvc/MessageSvc.h
removed virtual inheritence in class MessageSvc
+++ GaudiSvc/src/ChronoStatSvc/ChronoStatSvc.h
removed virtual inheritence in class ChronoStatSvc
+++ GaudiSvc/src/JobOptionsSvc/JobOptionsSvc.h
removed virtual inheritence in class JobOptionsSvc
! 20010315 Markus Frank
PersistencySvc.h/cpp add call "commitOutput" as required by interface
OutputStream.cpp Call commitOutput after object conversion.
! 20020318 - Pere Mato
- Moved ListItem.h to GaudiKernel package since it is quite usefull helper class.
! 20020313 - Pere Mato (David Quarrie)
- New property "OutStreamType" for the ApplicationMgr to select the
default type for Output Streams. The default value is "OutputStream"
be compatible.
! 20020226 - Pere Mato
- Adapted to use AIDA 2.2
- Introduced 3D Histograms (fix and variable binning)
! 20020225 - Markus Frank
- Problem reported by Kambiz Mahboubi fixed concerning the
user defined random number generator (i.e. DefinedPdf)
- RndmGenSvc/HepRndmGerators.cpp
=== HBookCnv v12r0 =======================================================
! 20020408 - Pere Mato
- Removed importing dependency to CERBLIB
! 20020227 - Pere Mato
- Modified to be adapted to the new AIDA interfaces (2.2)
=== RootHistCnv v6r0 =====================================================
! 20020405 - Markus Frank
- Adapted to the new version of Gaudi
- Removal of all global static storage
- Major cleanup
! 20020327 - Pere Mato
- Adapted to use the new AIDA interfaces (2.2)
- Added converters for 3D histograms support
===GaudiODBCDb v6r0 ======================================================
! 20020402 Pere Mato
- Changes needed for Solaris (by Wim Lavrijsen). Details:
=== GaudiDb v6r0 =========================================================
! 20020402 Pere Mato
- Changes needed for Solaris (by Wim Lavrijsen). Details:
+++ GaudiDb/DbFederation.h
removed includes of DbSession.h and DbDataBase.h
added forward declaration of DbFederation
added include of DbBase.h
added forward declaration of dbHandle< DbSession >
+++ GaudiDb/DbDataBase.h
added forward declarations of DbFederation and DbSession
added forward declaration of dbHandle< DbFederation >
+++ GaudiDb/DbSession.h
removed include of DbFederation.h
removed include guard of DbBase.h
removed forward declaration of specialisation of template dbHandle< DbSession >
added forward declaration of class DbDataBase
added forward declaration of dbHandle< DbFederation > and dbHandle< DbDataBase >
+++ GaudiDb/src/Base/DbBaseConverter.cpp
added include of DbFederation.h as first of the GaudiDb includes
moved DbDataBase.h include to just before DbFederation.h include
+++ GaudiDb/src/Base/DbContainer.cpp
added include of DbFederation.h followed by DbDataBase.h just after include of DbHandle.h
+++ GaudiDb/src/Base/DbContainerObj.cpp
added include of DbDataBase.h just after include of DbHandle.h
+++ GaudiDb/src/Base/DbDataBaseObj.cpp
added include of DbDataBase.h just before include of DbIter.h
+++ GaudiDb/src/Base/DbFederation.cpp
added include of DbSession.h just after include of DbFederation.h
+++ GaudiDb/src/Base/DbFederationObj.cpp
moved include of DbSession.h just before include of DbFederation.h
+++ GaudiDb/src/Base/DbGenericConverter.cpp
explicit construction of a string (std::string(""))
+++ GaudiDb/src/Base/DbImplementation.cpp
moved include of DbImplementation.h to just after include of DbDataBase.h
+++ GaudiDb/src/Base/DbObject.cpp
moved include of DbDataBase.h to just after include of DbHandle.h
+++ GaudiDb/src/Base/DbObjectAccessor.cpp
moved include of DbDataBase.h to just after include of DbHandle.h
+++ GaudiDb/src/Base/DbSession.cpp
added include of DbSession.h just before include of DbFederation.h
explicit construction of a string (std::string("UNKNOWN"))
+++ GaudiDb/src/Base/DbTypeInfo.cpp
added const on char*
+++ GaudiDb/src/Base/DbDataBase.cpp
moved include of DbHandle.h before include of DbDataBase.h
added include of DbFederation.h before include of DbDataBase.h
+++ GaudiDb/src/Base/IDbDataBase.cpp
moved include of DbDataBase.h before include of DbIter.h
+++ GaudiDb/src/Ntuples/DnNTupleCnv.cpp
added include of DbFederation.h before include of DbContainer.h
added include of DbDataBase.h before include of DbContainer.h
unnamed namespace instead of static
+++ GaudiDb/src/Services/DbCnvSvc.cpp
added include of DSession.h before include of DbIter.h
added include of DbFederation.h before include of DbIter.h
added include of DbDataBase.h before include of DbIter.h
+++ GaudiDb/src/Services/DbEvtSelector.h
made DbEvtSelector::ListName publicly accessible
added include of DbDataBase.h before include of DbIter.h
+++ GaudiODBC/src/ODBCDb.h
use non-const strings for map of tables
!=== GaudiIntrospection v4r0 ==============================================
! 20020328 - Stefan Roiser
- changed version to v4r0
- added doxygen-documentation
! 20020319 - Stefan Roiser
- changes to the interface when adding information about methods, passing only strings for return-types and
argument-types. Internal resolving of information about MetaClasses.
- default modifier for meta-fields set to 'private'
- added MetaConstructor
!=== GaudiObjDesc v4r0 ====================================================
! 20020328 Stefan Roiser
- changes to produce dictionary-information compliant to the new interface of GaudiIntrospection v4r0
! 20020328 Pere Mato
- Added ${CONSTITUENT}_GODflags in fragments
! 20020327 Pere Mato
- Changes needed for Solaris (by Wim.Lavrijsen). Details:
+++ GaudiObjDesc/src/DaDiCppHeader.cpp
several const added
+++ GaudiObjDesc/src/DaDiCppDict.cpp
several const added
! 20020325 - Stefan Roiser
- bugfix no reference for arguments which are fundamental types of more then one word (e.g. signed int)
! 20020319 - Stefan Roiser
- bugfix when using stdVectorTypeDef to create type std::vector<classname*>
!=== GaudiPython v4r0 ======================================================
! 20020321 - Pere Mato
- Adapted to the new GaudiIntrospection, which adds method support
! 20020319 - Markus Frank
- Added the possibility to obtain any interface implemented by
a component (service)
! === GaudiExamples v10r0 =================================================
! 20020327 - Pere Mato
Added test for Ntuples and histograms
! 20020213 - Pere Mato
Enhanced AlgSequecer test with Sub- and Parent-Algorithms
!=== GaudiPolicy v5r5 =====================================================
! 20020321 - GaudiPolicy v5r5 (Flr)
- new patterns accept an argument library=<library name>
libraryShr, library_stamps, library_Clinkopts, library_Cshlibflags
library_Llinkopts, library_Lshlibflags, library_Softlinks, library_path
i.e. apply_pattern libraryShr library=GaudiAlg
apply_pattern library_path library=GaudiAlgLIb
- new patterns to handle component library and linker library
accepts one argument library=<library name>
i.e. apply_pattern component_library library=GaudiAlg
apply_pattern linker_library library=GaudiAlgLib
- following patterns accept an argument
library=<library name>
packageShr, package_stamps, package_Clinkopts, package_Cshlibflags,
package_Llinkopts, package_Lshlibflags
- package_libraries,linker_path patterns accept an argument
library = <list of libraries for wich SoftLinks are required>
i.e. - apply_pattern package_Llinkopts library=GaudiAlgLib
apply_pattern package_Clinkopts library=GaudiAlg
apply_pattern package_libraries library=GaudiAlg GaudiAlgLib
apply_pattern linker_path library=GaudiAlg GaudiAlgLib
! 20020321 - GaudiPolicy (Pere)
- added tags from ATLAS and definition of a set of "primitive" tags
to be used when defining macros and sets.
! 20020313 - GaudiPolicy (Pere)
- changed dsp_all fragment to add the release.notes in the DevStudio project
! 20020307 - GaudiPolicy (Pere)
- added <package>Dict in linker_path pattern
\ No newline at end of file
================ GaudiKernel v12r2====================================
! 22020506 Pere Mato
- Bug fix in AlgTool.cpp. Pointer to ToolSvc not initialized
(Reported by O. Callot)
! 22020502 Pere Mato
- Bug fix in base classes Service and Converter. The accessor msgsvc() shpould
returns always a valid MessageSvc (Reported by RD Schaffer)
- Added templated function service() in Converter base class.
- Bug fix in Service.cpp. The finalize method access violates if called before
initialize (Reported by Wim Lavrijsen)
================ GaudiObjDesc v4r2====================================
! 20020503 Pere Mato
- Small problem on the fragment obj2doth_header that forced the re-creation of
all header files each time.
- Some changes in the generation of dictionaries:
~ In methods avoid use of static variables for complex types (one one instance available)
~ The same for accessor methods
~ The return type for relations was not correct in the MetaMethod creation
================ GaudiIntrospection v4r2==============================
! 20020503 - Pere Mato
- changed MetaMethod class to allow its use with GaudiPython for
calling methods of the new event model. The only package affected
by these changes is GaudiPython itself.
================ GaudiPython v4r1=====================================
! 20020503 - Pere Mato
- Adapted to new LHCb event model (KeyedContainers in addition to
- Re-structured a bit: the IntrosObj and IntrosFunc share a single
function to handle conversion of single and complex types to python.
================ GaudiKernel v12r1=====================================
! 20020426 Markus Frank
- Bug fix in DataSvc, which inhibited automatic directory
generation if intermediate leafs were present.
================ GaudiDb v7r0======================================
! 20020426 Frank Markus
- New files:
+++ IGenericDatabase.h/cpp : Generic database access
- Changed files:
+++ GaudiDb_load.cpp : GenericDataBase factory
+++ IOODataBase.h,
+++ DbContainer.h/cpp
+++ DbImplementation.h/cpp,
+++ DbContainerObj.h/cpp : Enhanced SQL access
+++ IDataBaseMgr.h : Const access to implementation IOODataBase
+++ DbContainerConverter.cpp: Remove unused variable
+++ DbCnvSvc.h/cpp : Handle generic conversions using "any" converters
! 20020417 Markus Frank
- Bug fix to handle keyed containers when elements have been
================ GaudiODBCDb v7r0======================================
! 20020426 - Markus Frank (v6r0)
- Allow for deletion and updates using SQL statements
================ GaudiRootDb v7r0======================================
! 20020429 - Markus Frank
Re-compilation needed for new GaudiDb
================ GaudiIntrospection v4r1===============================
! 20020419 - Stefan Roiser
- changed static maps of MetaClass to pointers to maps to be able to check
whether they are created or not
================GaudiSvc v8r1 ==================================
! 20020618 Markus Frank
- Add option to output stream: OutputStream.OptItemList
Elements in this option are not required to be present
in the transient datastore to be written. However, if
present, they get wrttwen to the stream as well.
================ GaudiDb v8r0 ======================================
! 20020522 Frank Markus
- New File: Services/DbGenericDataBase.h/cpp
Implementation of generic database access.
- Support for sequences if supported by technology
- Better access to SQL-like databases by extending
the container interface.
================ GaudiRootDb v8r0======================================