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include $(CMTROOT)/src/Makefile.header
include $(CMTROOT)/src/constituents.make
!include $(CMTROOT)\src\NMakefile.header
!include $(CMTROOT)\src\constituents.nmake
# $Id: requirements,v 1.67 2007/02/19 16:52:11 hmd Exp $
package GaudiSys
version v19r2
branches doc cmt
#---Gaudi libraries - generic
use GaudiSvc v15r*
use GaudiAud v8r*
use GaudiAlg v9r*
package GaudiSys
package manager: Pere Mato
================= v18r1 ========================
! 2006-07-13 - Hubert Degaudenzi
- fixed release notes (this file).
================= v18r0 ========================
! 2006-03-15 - Hubert Degaudenzi
- new release of Gaudi.
================= v17r0 ========================
! 2004-08-17 - Florence RANJARD
- new release of Gaudi.
================= v15r0 ========================
! 2004-08-17 - Florence RANJARD
- release.notes - new version uses new LCGCMT environment
! 2003-01-29 - Florence Ranjard
- requirements - keep only the first level of packages, do not mention
underlying packages
! 2002-10-04 - Pere Mato
- New Gaudi version
! 2002-09-23 - Florence Ranjard
- requirements - use v*
! 20020717 - Pere Mato
- Bug fix release
! 20020702 - Pere Mato
- Bug fix release
! 20020618 - Pere Mato
- Bug fix release
! 20020429 - Pere Mato
! 20020408 - Pere Mato
- Changed to Gaudi v10 versions
! 20020319 - Pere Mato
- Changed verion of GaudiIntrospection to v3r*
! 20011112 - Pere Mato
- Started preparing development version (v9)
! 20010618 - Flr
requirements - use GaudiPolicy v5*, HTL v13r10, ExternalLibs v4*
! 20010508 - Pere Mato
- Started preparing Development version
! 20010430 - v7r1 (Pere Mato)
- Dependent on GaudiSvc v5r1
! 20001121 - v6 (Gaudi Team)
requirements - the Gaudi system v6 contains the following packages
GaudiKernel v8
GaudiSvc v4
GaudiAud v1
GaudiAlg v1r1
GaudiTools v1
GaudiNagC v5r3p1
HbookCnv v7
RootHistCnv v1
DbCnv v3
It uses the following External libraries
CLHEP v1r6
HTL v13
XML v3r1
OBJY v5r21
ROOT v2r25
library paths are set in
ExternalLibs v3
Gaudi policy is set in
GaudiPolicy v4
! =======================================================================
Package : GaudiSys
Package manager : M.Cattaneo
! 20000720 GaudiSys v5
! =====================================================================
! 20000720 - Gaudi v7
! 20000717 - Radovan Chytracek
- Fixed inheritance order for DetectorElement class + class ID getters
! 20000710 - Gloria Corti
- Introduce the interfaces and base classes for the ToolSvc
new files in Interfaces: IAlgTool.h, IToolFactory.h, IToolSvc.h
new files in Kernel: AlgTool.h, AlgTool.cpp, ToolFactory.h
modified IInterface.cpp (in Kernel) to add the IID for IAlgTool,IToolFactory and
- requirements: introduce AlgTool.cpp in Gaudilib
- Change obsolete comment in IParticlePropertySvc
! 20000709 - Markus Frank
- Bug fixes for release
- Randm number wrapper as described in the Sotfware week
! 20000704 - Pavel Binko
- Interfaces - the interfaces IAxis, IHistogram and IHistogramSvc
have been enhanced by function :
- returning all edges in a given axis
- setting the histogram title
- allowing to register, unregister, retrieve and find
a histogram in the transient histogram data store
! 20000704 - Marco Cattaneo
- requirements : use LHCbCMT v3r1 (to pick up EXTLIB v2r1)
! 20000630 - Pere Mato
- Removed implementations of initialize(), finalize() and execute()
in Algorithm base class as a response to the e-discussion concerning
the spelling of such methods.
! 20000622 - Vanya Belyaev
- System.cpp : introduce "more correct" coefficient between time clocks and seconds :-))
! 20000622 - Vanya Belyaev
- System.cpp : introduce "correct" coefficient between time clocks and seconds
! 20000621 - Marco Cattaneo
- requirements: insert underscore in name of Gaudi_shlibflags macro,
to please CMT v1r5
! 20000617 - Vanya Belyaev
- Bug fix in Gaudi/System/System.cpp file in method char** System::argv()
! 20000616 - Pere Mato
- Changed Algorithm base class. Added an error counter and max error
limit to allow continuation of trhe program. Default is one.
Added accessor to RndmGenSvc from base class.
! 20000615 - (Pere Mato, David Quarrie)
- Changed interface IAlgorithm and base class Algorithm to support
Algorithm sequences (Babar style). Added some more algorithm flags
(enabled, executed, fileter passed, ...) in base class. Added method
reasetExecuted() in the IAlgorithm interface.
- Changed IProperty interface to support property browsing. Added the
following methods:
const Property& getProperty( const std::string& name ) const = 0;
const std::vector<Property*>& getProperties( ) const = 0;
- Changed base class Property to introduce the possibility of asking
to a property for its type.
- Introduced new classes: PropertyList, CommandProperty
A PropertyList is a Property that contains an array of other properties
A CommandProperty has a callback function associated that is called
when a new value of the property is set.
The PropertyList can handle property nesting. The name convention is
that names are separated by ":".
- Changed PropertyMgr to base its implementation with PropertyList
! 20000609 - (Markus Frank)
- Main improvement:
Implementation of the public part of the random number generator package.
Besides this I **had** to do some code cleanup:
- Algorithm.h: Removed Algorithm::create(...)
Function was declared but never implemented.
- IChronoStatSvc.h: "long double" is not really a ansi data type.
Changed to double.
- IDataManagerSvc.h
IID_IDataManagerSvc_NO_ERROR = SUCCESS becomes
IID_IDataManagerSvc_NO_ERROR = IInterface::SUCCESS
- ITime.h: use longlong data type from kernel.h instead
of __int64 and "long long" + #ifdef.
- PropertyRef.h: Simple typedefs of simple properties.
e.g. typedef SimplePropertyRef<int> IntegerPropertyRef;
just as it is done in "Property.h".
- DataObject.cpp: Actually implement 2 member functions which
were always in the header, but never made it to code.
- Kernel.h: If neither Linux nor WIN32 is the platform,
fix "longlong" to a 64 bit structure capable of holding
the variable.
- StreamBuffer.h: Clean up internal classes ContainedLink and
IdentifiedLink, get rid of macros
- Message.h: There is no such class "ostream". Use #include <iostream> instead;
- MsgStream.h: Added copy constructor
- NTuple.h: Get rid of a few macros and write the proper code instead.
- Get rid of NTupleFile.h and NTupleDirectory.h - should never have
been used at all. The classes were always defined in NTuple.h!
! 20000525
- Fixed template instantiation in Ntuple::Item (For version 6 of Visual C++
- Corrected "OuputLevel" bug in Service.cpp. This would not take into account
a change in the OuputLevel for services.
! 20000523
Markus Frank Make System.cpp compile under VC 6.0 which opposite to VC 5.0
defines STRICT by default.
! =====================================================================
! 20000720 - GaudiSvc v3
! 20000710 - Gloria Corti
- Implementation of new service ToolSvc
in new directory ToolSvc: ToolSvc.h and ToolSvc.cpp
the service creates new concrete tools on retrieval and manages the tools
- modify requirements file to include ToolSvc
! 20000709 - Markus Frank
- Comment some argument variables to suppress warnings on Linux
! 20000707 - Pavel Binko
- requirements: use HTL v11r12
- Implementation of enhanced interfaces IAxis, IHistogram and IHistogramSvc
The newly implemented function are :
- returning all edges in a given axis
- setting the histogram title
- allowing to register, unregister, retrieve and find
a histogram in the transient histogram data store
! 20000704 - Pere Mato
- Allow applications without input data (EventSelector) by
specifiying 'ApplicationMgr.EvtSel = "NONE";' in job options
- Fail initialization if any algorithm fails
- Clear data stores at finalize
- Add RndmSvc as a known service to the ApplicationMgr
! 20000626 - Marco Cattaneo
- requirements: use HTL v11r11
! 20000623 - Vanya Belyaev
- ChronoStatSvc - improved printout (add possibility to output also elapsed
time of the job).
by default only used time statistics is printed
optionally system time and elapsed time could be printed
- requirements: remove GaudiSvc_stamps for non-static linkage (do not force
to relink the executable in the case of dynamic loading when
shared library is changed)
! 20000621 - Marco Cattaneo
- requirements: insert underscore in name of GaudiSvc_shlibflags macro,
to please CMT v1r5
!20000616 Pere Mato
- Added default seeds in RndmGenSvc such that it can be initialized without the
being declared in the jobOptions file.
!20000615 Pere Mato
- Changed ApplicationMgr to stop the event loop when execution errors and
call resetExecuted() for all top level algorithms.
!20000530 Markus Frank
- NTupleSvc:
Fix in order to not close files twice.
!20000526 - Stefan Probst, Markus Frank
- JobOptionsSvc/UnitsExtension.cpp, .h :
New classes for handling units within the property compiler
- JobOptionsSvc/PropertyCompiler.cpp :
Add feature to read units via job options file
Fix bug for proper number conversions
Resolve environment variables for all string properties
!20000505 - Marco Cattaneo
- Removed GaudiErrorHandler.h .cpp, GaudiNagHandler.h from MessageSvc
(moved to NAGC v5r1 package)
! =====================================================================
!20000720 GaudiAlg v1
!20000621 Pere Mato
- This is a new package based on the code provided by David Quarrie (ATLAS)
! =====================================================================
! 20000717 - DetDesc v4
Changes done by Radovan Chytracek
New functionality
1. Switched from XML4C & ICU libraries for XML processing to Apache's XML parser for C++
Xerces-C 1.2.0.
2. The new feature allowing generic detector element conversion has been introduced.
This feature should be used in cases where either specific information about user defined
detector elements is not needed (e.g. visualization) or can be ignored (e.g. testing).
This feature is triggered by the new property of the XmlCnvSvc called "AllowGenericConversion".
Bug fixes
- CLHEP translation vector NAN bug ( appeared after switch to CLEHP )
- Fixed SAX callbacks for XmlDetectorElementCnv and XMLUserDeCnv.
- Fixed order of inheritance for DetectorElement subclasses + class ID getters
! =====================================================================
! 20000720 - LHCbEvent v7r1
! 20000709 - Markus Frank
- requirements: define logical name for shared images
- Update to RefTable definition
! 20000626
- requirements: use Gaudi v7 (+LHCbCMT v3), CLHEP v1r5
! 20000418 - LHCbEvent v7
- TopLevel/RefTable.h : definition of map iterator is different on NT
and Linux (M.Franck).
! =====================================================================
! 20000720 SicbCnv v8
! 20000709 Markus Frank
Fix Reference table converter for Velo/L1
! 20000707 Gonzalo Gracia
Access to ORACLE book-keeping DB and Pile up are working
Files Modified:
New Files
! 20002606 Gonzalo Gracia
Several changes related with the Event Selector:
Pre-staging of several tapes
Print Event number on INFO (the frequency of the print-out
is given by the property Event selector property PrintFreq
Total number of events to be read in is now a property of Eventselector
(still should be backwards compatible if somebody defines it
as an ApplicationMgr property)
File modified:
New files
! 20000622 SicbCnv v7r3 Marco Cattaneo
- New Fortran routine GetZebraSize.F returns size of ZEBRA COMMON block
- Modified SicbFortran.h, .cpp, SicbFortranEx.cpp to declare GetZebraSize
- SicbEventCnvSvc.cpp calls GetZebraSize to get size to declare to UTZEBRA
- requirements: add underscore to <package>_shlibflags for CMT v1r5
! 20000606 Bruce Hay
SicbDataObjectCnv.cpp : Added data leaves for L0 data objects
! 20000602 Markus Frank
Changes necessary to track properly references in
merged pileup events since banks are no longer
contiguous. There is a pending problem with
all Calorimeter MC banks, where the reference is within a
data word (LONGREFs), which apparently is not updated
properly during the pile-up.
Gonzalo Gracia 18/05/2000
Bug fixed in TopLevel/ReadEvent.F
Fortran algorithm was unable to read SICB banks
Changed in the same routine:
#include "geant321/"
#include "inc/"
requirements: dependency on Futio v6r2 needed by the change in ReadEvent.F
! 20000502
Minor modification if GaudiGufld to make it
compatible with modifications in SICB routine GUFLD
! =====================================================================
! 20000720 - DbCnv v2
! =====================================================================
! 20000720 - HbookCnv v6r1
! 20000603
Increased buffer size of PAWC = 1MByte; adjust buffer size of N-tuples.
Compiles on Linux without warnings using -ansi -Wall
! 20000530
The hbook file used for NTuples was not closed properly.
(wrong arguments to HREND(...) call)
! =====================================================================
! 20000720 - GaudiExamples v8
! 20000717 - Radovan Chytracek
Updated DDexample for use of the new feature allowing generic detector element conversion.
This feature should be used in cases where either specific information about user defined
detector elements is not needed (e.g. visualization) or can be ignored (e.g. testing).
This feature is triggered by the new property of the XmlCnvSvc called "AllowGenericConversion".
! 20000713 - Gloria Corti
Removed old tape database (obsolete) from Win32StandardJob.txt
Changes to JobOptions files of various examples to use AFSROOT variable.
In DDExample/JopObptions also removed different ways of loading DLL for
Win32 and Unix.
In NTuples job options remove unused FILE2#tuple2.hbook from NTupleSvc.Output
Updated PlotHisto.kumac in Histograms example to be consistent with code
Modified files:
! 20000711 - Gonzalo Gracia
Changed required to test all the examples in Linux for
release 5 of GaudiSys
Many algorithms were returning FAILURE even if they ran properly,
changed to returns SUCCESS.
JopOptions modified in many cases to use new features and new data
Modified files:
! 20000710 - Gloria Corti
Introduce new example ToolsAnalysis to show writing and use of concrete tools: there
are examples for both private and common tools. The example shows how to retrive
tools via the ToolSvc in both cases.
Introduce use of dbase in requirements file
! =====================================================================
! 20000720 - LHCbCMT v3r1 (MC)
requirements - use EXTLIB v2r2 - version number not changed
! 20000704 - LHCbCMT v3r1 (MC)
requirements - use EXTLIB v2r1
! 20000621 - LHCbCMT v3 (MC)
N.B. Following change not backwards compatible, requires corresponding
change in requirements of all packages building shared libraries
fragments/dsp_shared_library_header - Insert _ (underscore) in name of
<package>_shlibflags macro, to please
CMT v1r5
! 20000616 - LHCbCMT v3 (MC)
requirements - add include_path none.
Needs CMT v1r5, not backward compatible
fragments - modifications by Markus
! 20000614 - LHCbCMT v2r1
requirements - replace \ with / in VisualC and VisualD settings to
please CMT v1r5 (Flr)
add macro gmake_hosts and everywhere
use EXTLIB v2
! 20000605 - LHCbCMT v2 (Pere)
Added "-Dlinux -Dunix -pipe -ansi -Wall -W" to Linux compile flags
! 20000511 - LHCbCMT v2 (Pere)
Changed the DEBUGDIR for debug version to use Lunuxdbx
Added a alias of DEBUGDIR to BINDIR
Added a tag for debug versions of common tags
! 20000510 - LHCbCMT v2 (Pere)
added fortran preprocessor flag "/m"
changed v5 to v6 in DevStudio fragments
! 20000505 - LHCbCMT v2 (Flr)
add tag rs_aix43 "AIX"
add -fixed=90 in fortran flags for AIX and AIXdbx on Andrei's demand
! =====================================================================
! 20000720 - EXTLIB v2r2 (MC)
requirements - add ROOT_DIR
! 20000704 - EXTLIB v2r1 (Flr)
requirements - replace .@sys with @sys in EXT_DIR definition
remove definitions of XML_DIR ICU_DIR
define EXT_DIR for Win32
! 20000522 - EXTLIB v2 (Andrei,Flr)
requirements - add CCIN2P3 and CCPM
! 20000511 - EXTLIB v2 (Pere)
set default for COMPILER to the redHad6 one
! 20000504 - EXTLIB v2
requirements - set COMPILER variable at CERN for redHat5 and redHat6.
remove setting of NAGC_DIR
! =====================================================================
! 20000524 - CLHEP v1r5
requirements - link to CLHEP/
remove VisualC definition of CLHEP_DIR: it is nolonger
necessary because LHCXX_DIR contains the platform.
! 20000607 - NAGC v5r2
- Removed static member definiton in GaudiNagHandler.h to avoid linking error when
included in more than one place (Case CT0000000023379)
- Moved external include files in directory $(NAGCROOT)/NAGC. Left links in old location.
! 20000505 - NAGC v5r1
GaudiNagC - library containing Gaudi error handling interface to NAGC
requirements - updated to set NAGC_DIR and link also to GaudiNagC
error handliing library (adds dependency to Gaudi v6)
! =====================================================================
! 20000720 HTL v11r12
! =====================================================================
! 20000704 - XML v3
this version uses xerces-c_1_2_0 instead of xml_2_3_1 and icu
on unix the version is stored on $EXT_DIR/@sys
on NT the version is stored in optimized and debug on $EXT_DIR/Win32
the XML_linkopts on NT uses the debug version.
! 20000720 ODBC v3
! =====================================================================
! 20000720 OBJY v5r21
! =====================================================================
! 20000720 - ROOT v2r23
N.B. This version is not made available on NT by the ROOT team.
We have a privately built version of v2r24 on the CERN LHCb WNT server.
! =====================================================================
! 20000303 OpenScientist v5r0
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