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......@@ -7,12 +7,47 @@ The format is based on [Keep a Changelog](
## [Unreleased][]
## [v35r1][] - 2021-01-28
This is mostly a bugfix release, with a couple of backward incompatible changes in
Python `DataHandle` class (gaudi/Gaudi!1144, gaudi/Gaudi!1159) and deprecation warnings
from `IJobOptionsSvc`, which will be dropped in v36r0 (gaudi/Gaudi#140).
Here is a summary of the [full list of changes](
### Changed
- DataHandle: use all members for `==` and improve unit test (gaudi/Gaudi!1159)
- Deprecate use of `IJobOptionsSvc` (gaudi/Gaudi#139, gaudi/Gaudi!1156)
- DataHandle: Remove `__add__` operators (gaudi/Gaudi#146, gaudi/Gaudi!1144)
### Added
- Add support to `DataWriteHandle` for writing (partially type erased) 'views' into the TES (gaudi/Gaudi!1151)
### Fixed
- Adapt tests to a change in TFile "file not found" error message (gaudi/Gaudi!1174)
- ARM Fixes (gaudi/Gaudi!1153)
- IncidentSvc: fix ever-growing incident map (gaudi/Gaudi!1164)
- Fix CF bug arising from empty sequence (gaudi/Gaudi#135, gaudi/Gaudi!1106)
- Re-enabled the installation of the `PartPropSvc` auxiliary files (gaudi/Gaudi!1172)
- Make iteration ordering predictable (gaudi/Gaudi!1169)
- StatusCode tweaks (gaudi/Gaudi!1171)
- GaudiToolbox: Fix generated `__init__` files to handle symlinks (gaudi/Gaudi!1170)
- Check result of `dynamic_cast<>` for null before dereferencing (gaudi/Gaudi!1168)
- Fix build instructions (gaudi/Gaudi#159, gaudi/Gaudi#161, gaudi/Gaudi!1162)
- Resolve "GAUDI_GENCONF_NO_FAIL option not working" (gaudi/Gaudi#160, gaudi/Gaudi!1161)
- Fix clang 10 warnings (gaudi/Gaudi!1166)
- Fix MacOS compilation (gaudi/Gaudi!1158)
- Do not set `Python_FIND_STRATEGY` (gaudi/Gaudi#157, gaudi/Gaudi!1157)
- Property: Catch all parsing errors (gaudi/Gaudi!1165)
- simplify `iid_cast` implementation (gaudi/Gaudi!1154)
- Monitor Algorithm instance misses (gaudi/Gaudi!1148)
- Fix GaudiPython classes (follows up gaudi/Gaudi!1116) (gaudi/Gaudi!1155)
- Fix py-formatting of exec (gaudi/Gaudi!1160)
- Fix Algorithm destructor invocation in multithreading applications (gaudi/Gaudi#150, gaudi/Gaudi!1149)
## [v35r0][] - 2020-11-10
This version features a complete rewrite of the CMake configuration. See gaudi/Gaudi!986 and gaudi/Gaudi!922 for details.
Here is a summary of the [full list of changes](
Here is a summary of the [full list of changes](
### Changed
- Complete rewrite of CMake configuration in *modern* CMake (gaudi/Gaudi!986, gaudi/Gaudi!922)
......@@ -600,7 +635,8 @@ Details about old versions of the project can be found in the
......@@ -81,7 +81,7 @@ Maintainer's guide: `<
cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.15)
project(Gaudi VERSION 35.0
project(Gaudi VERSION 35.1
DESCRIPTION "Gaudi Software Framework"
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