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## [Unreleased][]
## [v35r2][] - 2021-03-10
Just a minor bugfix release with changes required for
- ROOT 6.22 (updated PyROOT/cppyy)
- modernization of CMake configuration of LHCb projects
- use of new monitoring interfaces in LHCb Online system
Here is a summary of the changes (see the [full list of changes](
### Changed
- Allow use of local targets instead of imported ones (gaudi/Gaudi!1186)
- Improvements on `Monitoring::Hub::Entity` and accumulators (gaudi/Gaudi!1185)
- Improve support for new style `CMake` downstream projects (gaudi/Gaudi!1177)
### Fixed
- Add dynamic dependencies scan for `genreflex` dictionaries (gaudi/Gaudi#152, gaudi/Gaudi!1183)
- Supress warnings about `__nodiscard__` attribute in dictionary generation with ROOT 6.22 (gaudi/Gaudi!1182)
- Add custom pythonization callback to `SmartRefVector` (gaudi/Gaudi!1180)
- Fixed bug in Histogram filling (gaudi/Gaudi!1176)
## [v35r1][] - 2021-01-28
This is mostly a bugfix release, with a couple of backward incompatible changes in
Python `DataHandle` class (gaudi/Gaudi!1144, gaudi/Gaudi!1159) and deprecation warnings
......@@ -635,8 +655,9 @@ Details about old versions of the project can be found in the
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