Commit 625b43fc authored by Domenico Giordano's avatar Domenico Giordano
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stop before aod merging

parent f85411c9
......@@ -62,7 +62,7 @@ function doOne(){
cp ${HEPSCORE_CCDB_ROOT}/data/matbud.root .
# run workflow
${O2DPG_ROOT}/MC/bin/ -f workflow.json --cpu-limit ${CPULIMIT} -tt aod >> out_$1.log 2>&1
${O2DPG_ROOT}/MC/bin/ -f workflow.json --cpu-limit ${CPULIMIT} -tt aod_ >> out_$1.log 2>&1
echo "[doOne ($1)] $(date) completed (status=$status)"
# Return 0 if this workload copy was successful, 1 otherwise
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