Commit 66976331 authored by Marcel Rieger's avatar Marcel Rieger
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Cleanup failed tmp dirs for remote jobs.

parent 10460017
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......@@ -21,6 +21,8 @@ law.contrib.load(
"cms", "git", "htcondor", "matplotlib", "numpy", "slack", "telegram", "root", "tasks",
dhi_remote_job = str(os.getenv("DHI_REMOTE_JOB", "0")).lower() in ("1", "true", "yes")
class BaseTask(law.Task):
......@@ -450,8 +452,11 @@ class CommandTask(AnalysisTask):
exclude_index = True
exclude_params_req = {"custom_args"}
# by default, do not run in a tmp dir
run_command_in_tmp = False
cleanup_tmp_on_error = False
# by default, do not cleanup tmp dirs on error, except when running as a remote job
cleanup_tmp_on_error = dhi_remote_job
def build_command(self):
# this method should build and return the command to run
......@@ -612,10 +617,14 @@ class PlotTask(AnalysisTask):
return None if value == -1000.0 else value
def create_plot_names(self, parts):
plot_file_types = ["pdf", "png"]
if any(t not in plot_file_types for t in self.file_types):
raise Exception("plot names only allowed for file types {}, got {}".format(
",".join(plot_file_types), ",".join(self.file_types)))
if self.plot_postfix and self.plot_postfix != law.NO_STR:
assert set(self.file_types) <= set(("pdf", "png")), "Only supported file formats are 'pdf' and 'png'!"
return ["{}.{}".format(self.join_postfix(parts), ext) for ext in self.file_types]
def get_plot_func(self, func_id):
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