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updated changelog

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......@@ -139,7 +139,7 @@
- for writing 1 FileHandler Instance per BeBoard is created
- file Headers are now included in all raw files and are marked with the BeId
- moved all HW Parsing features from System Controller to System/FileParser class for easier extension
- 31.08.2016: most likely v1-40
- 31.08.2016:
- updated Event Class with more streamlined and efficient code that uses less accesses when dealing with Events - should make for better performance
- updated DQM histogramer to work with new Event implementation
- revised mapping of Events vs CBC and FE
......@@ -148,4 +148,5 @@
- 28.10.2016: merged recent changes for HybridTesting (integratedtester)
- new binary: integratedtester
- support for exernal USB instruments (HMP4040, Ke2110, TCP sockets via ZEROMQ)
- 31.10.2016: changed makefiles to use environment variables exported in
- 31.10.2016: v1.40
- changed makefiles to use environment variables exported in
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