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Add to Google Calendar function

Yu-Heng Chen requested to merge (removed):gCal into master

Update: 08.08.2019

I am happy with the current approach. But,

  1. I want to set the class name of the topbar items so that I can still get control of control after build.
  2. I believe using os.path.relpath when creating ics url is a must. The current approach use os.path.basename, although for me currently it doesn't cause problem but it would give users surprise if they put them in a subdirectory like <html-folder>/ics/events.ics.

Original Request

  1. I understand it would be more reasonable to have exportCalendar be a boolean.
    However, I use the html file as the home page so the corresponding output .ics would have an awkward file name index.ics in such case...
    So, I want to add a backdoor with which I can give the *.ics another name whenever the exportCalendar variable is a string.
  2. I would like to add an minimal working example of subscribing the calendar on the default html output, side-by-side with the Calendar export.
    Otherwise, I am afraid that average users don't know how to make use of this functionality.
    This part is a bit hard coded because on the one hand I would prefer to incorporate it with a proper CSS style file and have a nice-looking button, but on the other hand, it should stay working without.
    • (LEFT) when use together with the given css file (can be access and included using
    • (RIGHT) when use without (the default) withCSS
      The implementation is exactly the same, and the only difference is the former one uses the style file, which can be done with the
    prebodyHTML=""" <head>
    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="">
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