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Update the tag filter list in collection XML

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......@@ -954,21 +954,15 @@ TGridCollection *TJAlienCollection::OpenQuery(TGridResult * queryresult, Bool_t
// set tag filter list
// NOTE (nhardi 2019) the tags in this filter list will
// not be incuded in the XML attributes when XML is exported.
// The type and guidtime tags are ignored as a hack to bring
// tag "name" to the first place in the list of attributes.
// This seems to be a hard requirement from the JobOptimizer side.
TList *filterlist = new TList();
filterlist->Add(new TObjString("type"));
filterlist->Add(new TObjString("dir"));
filterlist->Add(new TObjString("perm"));
filterlist->Add(new TObjString("owner"));
filterlist->Add(new TObjString("ctime"));
filterlist->Add(new TObjString("seStringlist"));
filterlist->Add(new TObjString("aclId"));
filterlist->Add(new TObjString("expiretime"));
filterlist->Add(new TObjString("replicated"));
filterlist->Add(new TObjString("entryId"));
filterlist->Add(new TObjString("gowner"));
filterlist->Add(new TObjString("selist"));
filterlist->Add(new TObjString("select"));
filterlist->Add(new TObjString("online"));
filterlist->Add(new TObjString("guidtime"));
filterlist->Add(new TObjString("message"));
TJAlienCollection *newcollection = new TJAlienCollection(filelist, nofgroups, nofgroupfiles);
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