Commit 381664cc authored by Nikola Hardi's avatar Nikola Hardi
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Drop dependency on PROOF/TDSet - remove GetDataset()

Remove our implementation ::GetDataset() which used to return TDSet.
Let the TGridCollection::GetDataset() (super class) throw exception
because this method shouldn't be used anyway.
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......@@ -64,7 +64,6 @@ public:
void AddFast(TGridCollection *addcollection);
Bool_t CheckIfOnline(Bool_t bulk = kFALSE);
Bool_t ExportXML(const char *exporturl, Bool_t selected, Bool_t online, const char *name, const char *comment);
TDSet *GetDataset(const char *type, const char *objname = "*", const char *dir = "/");
TEntryList *GetEntryList(const char *name);
TGridResult *GetGridResult(const char *filename = "", Bool_t onlyonline = kTRUE, Bool_t publicaccess = kFALSE);
const char *GetLFN(const char *name = "");
......@@ -525,27 +525,6 @@ Bool_t TJAlienCollection::LookupSUrls(Bool_t verbose)
return ok;
TDSet *TJAlienCollection::GetDataset(const char *type, const char *objname,
const char *dir)
// Return a TDSet from a collection. Filter, Selections and online tags are not
// taken into account.
TMap *mapp;
TDSet *dset = new TDSet(type, objname, dir);
if (!dset) {
return 0;
while ((mapp = Next())) {
if (((TObjString *) fCurrent->GetValue("")))
dset->Add(((TMap *) (fCurrent->GetValue("")))->GetValue("turl")->GetName());;
return dset;
// TODO don't know what should be this for, copied from TAlienCollection
TEntryList *TJAlienCollection::GetEntryList(const char *filename)
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