Commit c7a31a11 authored by Nikola Hardi's avatar Nikola Hardi
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Remove some debug messages

parent 46676acb
......@@ -738,7 +738,6 @@ Bool_t TJAlien::Cd(const char* lfn, Bool_t verbose)
const char *TJAlien::Pwd(Bool_t verbose)
Info("Pwd", "Pwd command received");
TString cmdline = TString("pwd");
TJAlienResult* result = (TJAlienResult*) Command(cmdline.Data(), kFALSE, kENVIR);
......@@ -766,7 +765,6 @@ const char *TJAlien::Pwd(Bool_t verbose)
TObjString* pwd = (TObjString*)resultmap->GetValue("pwd");
if (pwd) {
fPwd = pwd->GetName();
Info("Pwd", "Pwd, setting pwd to \"%s\"", pwd->GetString().Data());
delete resultmap;
return fPwd;
} else {
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