Commit 3bf9593a authored by Nikola Hardi's avatar Nikola Hardi
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Add retag target, update xrd image push

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......@@ -7,8 +7,21 @@ base-image:
docker build -t xrootd-se -f xrootd/Dockerfile xrootd
push-base: base-image
push-base: base-image xrootd-image
docker tag jalien-base ${gitlab_base_image}
docker push ${gitlab_base_image}
push-xrootd: xrootd-image
docker tag xrootd-se ${gitlab_xrootd_image}
docker push ${gitlab_xrootd_image}
docker pull ${gitlab_base_image}
docker pull ${gitlab_xrootd_image}
docker tag ${gitlab_base_image} jalien-base
docker tag ${gitlab_xrootd_image} xrootd-se
push-all: push-base push-xrootd
all: base-image xrootd-image
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