Commit 9052f17b authored by Costin Grigoras's avatar Costin Grigoras
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Minor message fix

parent f95595bd
......@@ -662,7 +662,7 @@ public class JobAgent implements Runnable {
// By default the jobs are allowed to use up to 10GB of disk space in the sandbox
cpuCores = TaskQueueUtils.getCPUCores(jdl);
commander.q_api.putJobLog(queueId, "trace", "Job requested " + cpuCores + " to run");
commander.q_api.putJobLog(queueId, "trace", "Job requested " + cpuCores + " CPU cores to run");
workdirMaxSizeMB = TaskQueueUtils.getWorkDirSizeMB(jdl, cpuCores);
commander.q_api.putJobLog(queueId, "trace", "Local disk space limit: " + workdirMaxSizeMB + "MB");
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