Commit 9425a27e authored by Max's avatar Max
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Also try getting SLURM host_logdir from LDAP

parent a0cca02d
......@@ -120,7 +120,8 @@ public class SLURM extends BatchQueue {
final String name = String.format("jobagent_%s_%d", this.config.get("host_host"), timestamp);
// Check if we can use SLURM_LOG_PATH instead of sending to /dev/null
final String host_logdir = environment.get("SLURM_LOG_PATH");
final String host_logdir = environment.getOrDefault("SLURM_LOG_PATH", config.get("host_logdir") != null ? config.get("host_logdir").toString() : null);
if (host_logdir != null) {
final String log_folder_path = String.format("%s/%s", host_logdir, current_date_str);
final File log_folder = new File(log_folder_path);
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