Fix limit inconsistency in getting jobs

Merged Maria-Elena Mihailescu requested to merge mariaele/jalien:limit into master

This PR proposes a consistent limit when retrieving the subjob list from a masterjob.

When retrieving the list of subjobs from a master job (whether with getPS or getMasterJobStatus), there is an inconsistency regarding the limit:

  • from alien.api.taskQueue.TaskQueueApiUtils.getMasterJobStatus which calls alien.api.taskQueue.GetMasterjob, the limit is 10000.
  • from alien.api.taskQueue.TaskQueueApiUtils.getPS, one can specify a limit. This limit is overwritten in alien.taskQueue.TaskQueueUtils.getPS() as follows (here is the inconsistency): if the required limit is larger than 50000, it is set to 20000; otherwise, the limit is not modified (e.g. if we ask for a limit of 50000 jobs, we will receive 20000; however, if we ask for a limit of 49999 jobs, we will receive 49999 jobs). The same inconsistency is presented in alien.taskQueue.TaskQueueUtils.getMasterJobStat as well.

Signed-off-by: Elena Mihailescu

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