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    • Raman Sehgal's avatar
      VECGEOM-571; Fixes FPE related issues, happening when the normal is not a valid · 1e28f077
      Raman Sehgal authored
                   normal. Also contains a bug fix happening for the cone when rmin==rmax
                   Cone generally calls all the functions of ConeStruct.
                   But for Normal Calculation, there is a redundant definition of
                   Normal in UnplacedCone and in ConeStruct, which is actually not
                   required and cone can safely call Normal of ConeStruct.
                   Now Cone calls the Normal of ConeStruct.
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  14. 30 Apr, 2021 2 commits
    • Benjamin Morgan's avatar
      Add GeoManager member functions to lookup logical volume id<->name · 243eeaba
      Benjamin Morgan authored
      Updates to VGDML showed need to easily lookup LogicalVolume Ids (int)
      from names (string) and vice versa. Whilst current interfaces allow
      retrieval of LogicalVolume pointers, manual use/checks are then
      needed to get the Id/Name leading to repeated code.
      Provide new member functions to return the Id(Name) of a LogicalVolume
      given a Name(Id). Implement basic tests of expected behaviour.
    • Benjamin Morgan's avatar
      Expose GDML user and volume auxiliary data · effabf7b
      Benjamin Morgan authored
      The GDML schema provides for arbitrary data to be attached to <volume>
      elements and the <userinfo> element through 0-N <auxiliary> tags. This
      tag can itself can hold 0-N child <auxiliary> tags, thereby modeling a
      tree structure. This structure, and the values of the attributes of
      the tag attributes are left up to the client.
      Process and expose any volume and userinfo data in an input GDML file
      through vgdml's Middleware interface. Provide a class modelling the
      <auxillary> tag/tree structure, with interfaces in Middleware to
      - A map between VecGeom logical volume ids (int) holding auxiliary data
        and the list of the held auxiliary tags
      - A list of auxiliary tags in the <userinfo> element, if any.
      Implement basic tests of Auxiliary class and correct extraction of data
      from GDML by Middleware
  15. 27 Apr, 2021 1 commit
    • Andrei Gheata's avatar
      [VECGEOM-572] vgdml::Frontend::Load returns now the Middleware pointer... · 089233cf
      Andrei Gheata authored
      [VECGEOM-572] vgdml::Frontend::Load returns now the Middleware pointer exposing material and region info.
      The commit closes VECGEOM-572, exposing internal maps stored in the Middleware class after calling Frontend::Load with a GDML file. An example ReadMiddlewareData was provided to demonstrate in detail the usage of these maps.
  16. 23 Apr, 2021 1 commit
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