Initial semi-complete CV4 analysis package including pedestal, sine, DAC, slow sine, and pulse analyses.

Initial semi-complete CV4 analysis package utilizing dataframes. Dataframes get defined in and filled with functions defined in cv4_analysis/utils/.

Pedestal Analysis

  • Plotting raw and histogrammed waveforms
  • Computing and plotting autocorrelation
  • Producing plot webpages

Sine Analysis

  • Plotting raw and fitted sine waves
  • Computing and plotting FFTs
  • Computing effective number of bits (ENOB), signal to noise and distortion ratio (SINAD) and plotting
  • Producing plot webpages

DAC Analysis

  • Line fit and residuals
  • Computing DNL and INL and plotting

Slow Sine Analysis

  • Plotting sine histogram
  • Computing DNL and INL

Pulse Analysis

  • Interleaving pulses and plotting pulse overlays (including derivative and normalized pulses)
  • Plotting pulse phases
  • OFC analysis
  • Computing gain ratios, risetimes
  • Producing plot webpages