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      Remove sequence from make_charged_protos from protoparticles.py · 999c9b47
      Sascha Stahl authored
      Since the full reconstruction is functional now. It is not necessary anymore to return
      a list of algorithms. If needed, the protoparticle creation can be scheduled explicitly
      by inserting the datahandle into the control flow.
      Explicit scheduling of the proto particle making has been removed in various places.
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      Add ProtoParticle creation to HLT2 reconstruction. · 61564fd9
      Sascha Stahl authored
      The functionality is implemented in the following files
      * protoparticles.py includes functions to create charged and neutral
        protoparticles from reconstruction output.
      * hlt2_global_reco.py sets up the whole reconstruction data flow. Its
        output can be used in particle making and selections.
      Additionally, the HLT2 muon ID is added as it was missing before. It had
      to be disabled again, as it is not thread-safe.
      The global_reco file is needed because the ProtoParticle algorithms are
      not functional, as they take input and mutate it. They must be then be
      scheduled explicitly. The global_reco methods return the data handles of
      the ProtoParticles containers as well as the algorithms that need to be
      run, in order, to produce those outputs.
      Because this is all rather brittle, there is a new test,
      hlt2_protoparticles_baseline, which compares the data members of each
      created ProtoParticle to a reference. The reference has been
      cross-checked with a similar test from Brunel.
      A second new test, hlt2_particles_baseline, checks that we can build
      Particle objects from the ProtoParticles.