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  1. 18 Jan, 2019 1 commit
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    • Jim Bach's avatar
      k8s_fedora: Use external kubernetes/cloud-provider-openstack · 3406b14a
      Jim Bach authored
      * Use the external cloud-provider [0]
      * Label master nodes
      * Make the script the deploys the cloud-provider and clusterroles
        for the apiserver a SoftwareDeployment
      * Rename kube_openstack_config to cloud-config,
        for cinder to workm the kubelet expects the cloud config name only
        like this. Keep a copy of kube_openstack_config for backwards
      Change-Id: Ife5558f1db4e581b64cc4a8ffead151f7b405702
      Task: 22361
      Story: 2002652
      Co-Authored-By: Spyridon Trigazis's avatarSpyros Trigazis <>
      (cherry picked from commit 6c61a1a9)
  3. 19 Dec, 2018 2 commits
  4. 18 Dec, 2018 3 commits
    • Lingxian Kong's avatar
      [k8s] Cluster creation speedup · 0dee6ab2
      Lingxian Kong authored
      - Start workers as soon as the master VM is created, rather than
        waiting all the services ready.
      - Move all the SoftwareDeployment outside of kubemaster stack.
      - Tweak the scripts in SoftwareDeployment so that they can be combined
        into a single script.
      Story: 2004573
      Task: 28347
      Change-Id: Ie48861253615c8f60b34a2c1e9ad6b91d3ae685e
      Co-Authored-By: default avatarLingxian Kong <>
      (cherry picked from commit cae7fa21)
    • Lingxian Kong's avatar
      Delete Octavia loadbalancers for fedora atomic k8s driver · ae6ca3db
      Lingxian Kong authored
      For k8s cluster, the loadbalancers created for LoadBalancer type
      services should be deleted before the cluster deletion.
      Change-Id: I75f44187b7be7d0ffb6a8f195f755de4b1564335
      Closes-Bug: #1712062
      (cherry picked from commit e18ced4d)
    • Jim Bach's avatar
      Add Octavia python client for Magnum · e65a80a9
      Jim Bach authored
      Adding the client enables the manipulation of Octavia
      resources with Magnum such as during cluster deletion,
      being able to clean up non-heat created resouces.
      Change-Id: I976ab136e24b98d447d61028ce07d0f5dd9d255a
      story: 2004259
      task: 27795
      (cherry picked from commit 9a6698fb)
  5. 16 Dec, 2018 3 commits
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  7. 14 Dec, 2018 3 commits
    • Mohammed Naser's avatar
      functional: use default admission_control_list values · 47d6824a
      Mohammed Naser authored
      The functional jobs are currently deploying with an empty list of
      admission control list which means that the service token controller
      does not go up resulting in the cluster failing to go up.
      This patch drops that so it uses the default values of the admission
      controllers in order to get the cluster to go up cleanly.
      Change-Id: I0fdd65a9859f34e202016c37620f553623ef8a3e
      (cherry picked from commit 3646a59e)
    • Mohammed Naser's avatar
      functional: add body for delete_namespaced_service in k8s · cc0fb7fe
      Mohammed Naser authored
      The API for delete_namespaced_service requires a body which when
      missing will fail the functional tests.
      This patch addresses that issue by adding an empty body in order
      for the delete to work properly.
      Change-Id: I3b4a4bb08f60d9d18368dd3faa84ab1348acb543
      Story: #2002589
      Task: #28341
      (cherry picked from commit e0fd3f9e)
    • Mohammed Naser's avatar
      functional: use vexxhost-specific nodes with nested virt · 8acbc988
      Mohammed Naser authored
      This patch changes the intergration jobs to use nodes which are
      at VEXXHOST that come with supported nested virtualization in
      order to allow for the functional jobs to finish on-time.
      Change-Id: Ie275caac1a40fb3f10a0653b66611d2ba9d1c470
      Story: #2002589
      Task: #28341
      (cherry picked from commit 2e2ebaf6)
  8. 12 Dec, 2018 1 commit
    • Mohammed Naser's avatar
      functional: retrieve cluster to get stack_id · e31e2f52
      Mohammed Naser authored
      At the moment, if a cluster fails to be created, we fall back to
      getting the node information from Heat directly.  However, this
      behaviour doesn't work at the moment because `self.cluster` is
      a copy of the API record on-create which does not have the stack
      ID yet.
      This patch makes an extra HTTP request to get the `stack_id` in
      order to get the server IPs and be able to pull down the correct
      Story: #2002589
      Task: #28341
      Change-Id: I3fb3542f8ab63f38a23094d579d3df1fcb99a497
      (cherry picked from commit d6cc77b1)
  9. 09 Dec, 2018 1 commit
  10. 14 Nov, 2018 1 commit
    • Erik Olof Gunnar Andersson's avatar
      Add support for www_authentication_uri · e10c02fb
      Erik Olof Gunnar Andersson authored
      We do currently not support www_authentication_uri at all, which
      is the new standard, as auth_uri has long been deprecated.
      * Make sure we support both auth_uri and www_authenticate_uri.
      * Switched to www_authenticate_uri for devstack.
      * Fixed a bug where a bad exception would be thrown if auth_uri
        was not set.
      Story: 2004271
      Task: 27819
      Change-Id: Ibc932d35f3d6ba2ac7ffb6193aa37bd4a3d4422e
      (cherry picked from commit 718cb9c9)
  11. 09 Nov, 2018 1 commit
  12. 06 Nov, 2018 1 commit
    • Lingxian Kong's avatar
      [K8S] Pass cluster name to controller-manager · 051dce34
      Lingxian Kong authored
      The cluster name is useful to identify resources created in different
      k8s clusters, especially in the cloud environment, the cluster name is
      always injected into the name of the cloud resources(e.g. the load
      balancer, volume, etc.), which is helpful for the cluster resource
      clean up.
      The magnum cluster UUID is used as the value of '--cluster-name' option.
      Story: 2004242
      Task: 27766
      Change-Id: I245a8869948a0b8bfa8d5cc32e7fb9277477026a
      (cherry picked from commit 5d1eab9d)
  13. 29 Oct, 2018 1 commit
  14. 25 Oct, 2018 1 commit
  15. 24 Oct, 2018 1 commit
  16. 23 Oct, 2018 2 commits
    • Jangwon Lee's avatar
      Add prometheus-monitoring namespace · 86c1d290
      Jangwon Lee authored
      When using 'prometheus_monitoring=true' in the label option,
      'kube-enable-monitoring.service' in the master node has stuck in
      'Wait for Grafana pod and then inject data source'.
      It caused the 'prometheus-monitoring' namespace doesn't exist,
      so scripts don't create pods about Prometheus and Grafana.
      To fix the error, I added codes in 'magnum/drivers/common/templates/
      kubernetes/fragments/' to make
      'prometheus-monitoring' namespace.
      We could put codes in a new file like 'magnum/magnum/drivers/
      but I think it's ok.
      Change-Id: I23395b41919c6f39cfcc2b4480bcd4b040cae031
      Task: 26347
      Story: 2003697
      (cherry picked from commit bc36ef8f)
    • chestack's avatar
      Make master node schedulable with taints · 90a7c8c0
      chestack authored
      --register-with-taints take no effect when --register-schedulable=false
      configured. It's better to drop --register-schedulable and
      leave --register-with-taints to make master schedulable
      add --pod-infra-container-image=CONTAINER_INFRA_PREFIX
      for kubelet on master nodes.
      Change-Id: Ia2ce59841d823ba02a65224088e5af1a8c9610b1
      (cherry picked from commit 05f0cddc)
  17. 19 Oct, 2018 1 commit
    • Tobias Urdin's avatar
      [swarm-mode] Remove --live-restore from Docker daemon options · 72e612b6
      Tobias Urdin authored
      Ensure the --live-restore is not in the Docker daemon OPTIONS.
      Some images has this option by default which will cause the node
      not being able to perform it swarm init process.
      Change-Id: I287a5274143903fad5d4476e9d1640b26bdb46d4
      Story: 2004095
      Task: 27497
      (cherry picked from commit 095b49e6)
  18. 17 Oct, 2018 1 commit
  19. 02 Oct, 2018 10 commits
    • Manuel Rodriguez's avatar
      Make X-Subject-Token search case unsensitive · 07f4f468
      Manuel Rodriguez authored and Spyridon Trigazis's avatar Spyridon Trigazis committed
      USER_TOKEN variable is empty because the grep expression
      is not ignoring case and certs are not created.
      Change-Id: I175cb2d4c64d5f7024b13ce11c1184029f63c317
      Task: 26189
      Story: 2003671
      (cherry picked from commit d3bf6a49)
    • Sergey Filatov's avatar
      Add prometheus & grafana container image tags · 658907c9
      Sergey Filatov authored and Spyridon Trigazis's avatar Spyridon Trigazis committed
      To upgrade cluster we need to be able to set image tags
      so this change adds to labels for corresponding containers
      Task: 23314
      Story: 2003171
      Change-Id: I4cd0270a69fb889c59bdb28966821adb11fd0292
      (cherry picked from commit 0cf61dfb)
    • Spyridon Trigazis's avatar
      [k8s] Add kubelet to the master nodes · a8a01441
      Spyridon Trigazis authored
      Add kubelet on the master nodes. This work was
      done already for calico, this patch applies the
      same config when calico is used as well.
      story: 2003521
      task: 24797
      Change-Id: Id33fb59ef23da740712d9a9b7ec4205bd6579b35
      (cherry picked from commit 6390e0db)
    • Chuck Short's avatar
      Fix unit test failure with python3.6 · 82fe2f27
      Chuck Short authored and Spyridon Trigazis's avatar Spyridon Trigazis committed
      Since python3.6 os.path.join can be either bytes or
      a str. So mock os.path.join in order for the unit tests to
      Change-Id: I82c793875d888092e5c814727a6c4ad4053e76fb
      Signed-off-by: default avatarChuck Short <>
      (cherry picked from commit 72f7e5f7)
    • Rick Cano's avatar
      Fixing CoreOS driver · a6fb6b2a
      Rick Cano authored and Spyridon Trigazis's avatar Spyridon Trigazis committed
      Decoding ca on nodes
      Change-Id: I4a30a348c1c0a62cb1a7b429b05878f321db92ed
      (cherry picked from commit 419a2285)
    • Spyridon Trigazis's avatar
      [k8s] Add proxy to master and set cluster-cidr · 7faec09f
      Spyridon Trigazis authored
      1. pods with host network can not reach coredns or any svc or resolve
      their own hostname
      2. If webhooks are deployed in the cluster, the apiserver needs to
      contact them, which means kube-proxy is required in the master node with
      the cluster-cidr set.
      Change-Id: Icb8e7c3b8c75a3ab087c818c8580c0c8a9111d30
      story: 2003460
      task: 24719
      (cherry picked from commit 4f121e50)
    • Jangwon Lee's avatar
      Remove the last slash of extra_params['auth_url'] · 83eab265
      Jangwon Lee authored and Spyridon Trigazis's avatar Spyridon Trigazis committed
      When create a cluster in Openstack, a master-node has failed during
      cloud-init scripts. It failed in '' because it couldn't get
      a right token. The extra_params['auth_url'] has a slash at the end so
      the requested url was wrong.
      Returend url of url_for() has a slash at the end.
      Just add rstrip('/') to fix this error.
      Change-Id: I1f2f0e07a913268b2ba821a8b85b8a3973cb59dc
      Task: 23277
      Story: 2003144
      (cherry picked from commit 4bb16422)
    • Spyridon Trigazis's avatar
      [k8s] Set order in kubemaster software deployments · 3316a13f
      Spyridon Trigazis authored
      When we create a cluster and pass the ca.key in a software deployment we
      must ensure that the apiserver will start before calico, dashboard etc
      which require the api to return ok. [0]
      The heat agent process the deployment serially, so if coredns arrives
      first in the agent, it will wait forever for the coredns script to
      Putting the cert_manager_api first solves the issue.
      [0] curl
      Change-Id: I031ab34141045dde171bcf6206e227fa7eb5885d
      story: 2003434
      task: 24630
      (cherry picked from commit 7fdff38a)
    • Feilong Wang's avatar
      [k8s] Add new label `service_cluster_ip_range` · eaa5ee40
      Feilong Wang authored and Spyridon Trigazis's avatar Spyridon Trigazis committed
      A new label `service_cluster_ip_range` is added for k8s so that
      user can set the service portal ip range to avoid conflicts with
      pod ip range.
      Task: 22568
      Story: 2002725
      Change-Id: Ie6e95a953059cc4bd5cf15a44f8666b714defb13
      (cherry picked from commit 80fcf76d)
    • Spyridon Trigazis's avatar
      Fix enable_cloud_provider check · 873132b2
      Spyridon Trigazis authored
      The statement in configure-kubernetes-master and minion
      that is checking weather to enable the cloud provider needs
      to be split into two and use one '='.
      Change-Id: I64b2d5be10058b2d03c406519b3d80e212844d15
      story: 1775358
      (cherry picked from commit 77a22067)
  20. 24 Sep, 2018 1 commit
    • Spyros Trigazis's avatar
      Use existing templates for cluster-update command · b21b052d
      Spyros Trigazis authored
      Cluster update was used for scaling operations only,
      but if the heat-temaplates where changed for any reason
      (eg upgrade of the magnum server), the stack update command
      was destructive.
      This patch uses the existing parameter in the stack update call.
      story: 1722573
      task: 21583
      Change-Id: Id84e5d878b21c908021e631514c2c58b3fe8b8b0
      (cherry picked from commit 3f773f1f)
  21. 09 Sep, 2018 1 commit
  22. 31 Aug, 2018 1 commit
  23. 30 Aug, 2018 1 commit