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    • Spyridon Trigazis's avatar
      [cern] Update kubernetes dashboard to v1.6.3 · 389f27d0
      Spyridon Trigazis authored
      Cherry-picked from:
      Ticket: OS-5184
      It reverts [1] and enables the kubernetes dashboard again.
      v1.6.3 is the latest no-RBAC release of the dashboad.
      When we update out config to use RBAC we can move to
      This patch also drops the prometheus stack to make
      space in user_data. The prometheus stack will be added
      back as a software deployment.
      Related-Bug: #1680900
      Change-Id: I68a17d22dda9661c81f40bcc9db06f7456790958
        Note the INSECURE_REGISTRY_URL change, it expects the url to not end
        with /
        It leaves the enable_monitoring and grafana_password in the python
        code and ignores them in heat templates in order to modify only
        the templates.
        it accepts the prometheus parameters but it does not pass them
        to the master or minion
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    • Ricardo Rocha's avatar
      [cern] add cvmfs storage driver config to swarm · 31653e67
      Ricardo Rocha authored
      Add a new label 'cvmfs_storage_driver' with a boolean value indicating
      if the CVMFS storage driver should be enabled or not.
      Add an additional config resource to setup this driver. For the moment
      it also does:
      * setup docker-ce as an atomic system container, replacing the atomic
        docker package
      * enable 'experimental' in the docker daemon, allowing docker plugins
      Eventually this setup will be replaced with upstream reviewed patches.
  9. 07 Oct, 2017 1 commit
    • Spyridon Trigazis's avatar
      [cern] Fix DCOS · cfc747d3
      Spyridon Trigazis authored
      * DCOS and mesos have the same validation methods but
       in out cherry-pick it was skipped.
      * drop all neutron objects, replace _ with - in nova nodes, add
        cern-services false to instance metadata, replace first_address with
        resources.0.dcos_master_external_ip in dcoscluster apiaddress output.
      * Add missing
      * Add missing
      Related-Ticket: OS-5206
      Change-Id: Id2e58163850e92d6959e19d3c48cb77c333b6d2f
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    • Mohammed Naser's avatar
      Avoid running periodic processes inside each worker process · 9c7a0c4b
      Mohammed Naser authored
      The periodic jobs are currently getting registered per each worker
      which means that in cases with large number of workers, the APIs
      for services such as Heat and Keystone will be hit very hard.
      This patch resolves this issue by registering the jobs only to the
      main process, ensuring that they run once per instance (or group
      of workers).
      Closes-Bug: #1702349
      Change-Id: If9e13effc14fd35e646d02bb4f568e79786aa958
      (cherry-pick from 867369f85869813545c71e256ee44500ad63fb75)
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    • Spyros Trigazis's avatar
      k8s: Fix node-exporter manifest · feffcb2b
      Spyros Trigazis authored
      When writing the node-exporter manifest, make sure that
      the directory exists.
      (Cherry-picked from fe6286e7)
      Change-Id: I41be5c09890bd2c9a063d4942f03305ff690ec4b
      Closes-Bug: #1716697
  16. 06 Sep, 2017 1 commit
  17. 31 Aug, 2017 1 commit
    • Mohammed Naser's avatar
      Clean-up server names in drivers · b945702a
      Mohammed Naser authored
      The instance type of servers at the moment can become quite long
      due to the Heat autogenerated names.  This patch cleans up the names
      so that they are shorter yet contain all the info needed to be able
      to know where they belong to.
      Change-Id: I5bcbe73f08844242d049b8408221da40d22cd3dc
      (cherry picked from commit 5153d912)
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