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Conditions Database project: config (SCRAM configuration) release notes
!2005.01.17 - CONDDB-CONFIG_0_6_1
Retagged for COOL_0_0_2 using POOL_1_8_2-beta
(POOL_1_8_2-alpha is not available anymore).
!2005.01.13 - CONDDB-CONFIG_0_6_1
Tagged update for pre-release COOL_0_0_2 (requires CONDDB-SCRAMTOOLBOX_0_3_1).
Includes configuration for SLC3 (default on lxplus since next week).
Tested for both cel3-i386_gcc323 and slc3_ia32_gcc323.
!2004.12.12 - CONDDB-CONFIG_0_6_0
Tagged update for pre-release COOL_0_0_1.
NB: Only tested for COOL_0_0_1 on rh73_gcc323.
!2004.12.10 - no tag
Upgrade to SEAL_1_4_3 and POOL_1_8_2-alpha.
The POOL upgrade solves the bug with the third column=null in MyODBC.
!2004.11.17 - no tag
Upgrade to POOL_1_8_0.
Configure Oracle and POOL for Mac assuming they are on /opt.
!2004.11.11 - no tag
Update for initial COOL tests.
Upgrade to POOL_1_8_0-zeta with relational access for MySQL via ODBC.
Upgrade to SEAL_1_4_2.
Add configuration for tools unixodbc, myodbc and sqllite.
Only upgrade the HEAD version of RequirementsDoc.
Only test on rh73_gcc323 for COOL.
!2004.08.12 - CONDDB-CONFIG_0_5_1
Update for internal release CONDDB_0_3_0-pre1.
Upgrade to POOL_1_8_0-delta with support for Oracle 10g in tool oracle.
Upgrade to SEAL_1_4_2_pre3.
Keep nominal support for cel3-i386_gcc323 even if CONDDB cannot be built
because POOL and SEAL are not yet built for these platforms either.
Drop rh73_ora9i_gcc323 platforms, build HvsRal on default architecture.
!2004.08.12 - CONDDB-CONFIG_0_5_0
Completely new config infrastructure.
This contains EVERYTHING that makes up the POOL_1_7_0 config
infrastructure, with the following differences:
- Bootstrap and Requirements files, site directory: specific to CONDDB
- Add and for HvsRal
- BuildFile: add the two HvsRal platforms and change the header comments
- print out 'CONDDB built' instead of 'POOL built' :-)
- minor bug fix (forwarded to POOL team)
NB Everything is copied, including the Examples and Utilities
Makefile fragments (but these have not been tested yet).
Update bootstrap files for public release CONDDB_0_2_1.
!2004.08.12 - CONDDB-CONFIG_0_4_1
Add new packages CondDBCommon, DataCopy, Examples, Utilities to
bootstrap files. Add also HvsRal (commented out for the moment).
Commit everything before major changes in CONDDB-CONFIG_0_5_0
(copy everything in the POOL config area as of today).
Upgrade to LCG_26_1 (requiring gcc 3.2.3 and MySQL 4.0.18) as in POOL_1_7_0.
Maintain support for rh73_gcc32 (use gcc3.2.3 tool with gcc3.2 tool config).
Introduce SCRAM_BASEPATH in the tool configuration file.
Add two new platforms rh73_ora9i_gcc323 and rh73_ora9i_gcc323_dbg,
to prototype Vakho's HVS using the POOL RelationalAccess layer.
Oracle 9i must be used because POOL_1_7_0 is built against Oracle 9i.
Require, select and configure POOL (and all the tools it needs) for these two
architectures. Note also that POOL_1_7_0 is not built on cel3-i386_gcc323.
- Select POOL in requirements files (POOL_1_7_0 from private SCRAMToolBox).
Configure POOL_1_7_0.
- Require and select SEAL, needed by POOL (SEAL_1_4_0 as in LCG_26_1).
Configure SEAL_1_4_0.
- Require and select sockets, needed by SEAL (1.0 as in LCG_26_1).
Do not configure sockets (as in POOL).
- Require and select pcre, needed by SEAL (4.4 as in LCG_26_1).
Configure pcre 4.4.
- Require and select uuid, needed by SEAL (1.32 as in LCG_26_1).
Configure uuid 1.32.
- Require and select BOOST, needed by SEAL (1.31.0 as in LCG_26_1).
Configure boost 1.31.0.
- Require and select oracle ( as in LCG_26_1).
Do not configure oracle (as in POOL).
Note that this is only a runtime environment dependency:
there is no need for any <external ref> tag in any BuildFile.
!2004.07.21 - CONDDB-CONFIG_0_4_0
Maintain support for rh73_gcc32.
Add support for rh73_gcc323 (use gcc3.2 tool with gcc3.2.3 tool config).
Add support for cel3-i386_gcc323.
Drop support for rh73_gcc2952, rh73_new_gcc32, rh73_new_gcc2952.
Include ConditionsDB package in bootstrap files.
Update bootstrap files for public release CONDDB_0_2_0.
Update requirements files for CONDDB-SCRAMTOOLBOX_0_2_0.
Update tool config for new platforms and new tool definition
(ORACLE_BASE is now the platform-dependent instant client installation).
Upgrade to LCG_23_1d (requiring gcc 3.2 and MySQL 4.0.13).
Remove MySQLpp from requirements files.
!2004.05.04 - CONDDB-CONFIG_0_3_0
Use gcc323 installation of OCCI 10g for rh73_gcc32 and related SCRAM tags.
Keep rh73_new_gcc2952 tags with standard OCCI10g/gcc296 (build fails).
Keep rh73_new_gcc32 tags for OCCI9i/gcc32 if this should become available.
Update bootstrap files for public release CONDDB_0_1_1.
Update requirements files for CONDDB-SCRAMTOOLBOX_0_1_1.
!2004.04.21 - CONDDB-CONFIG_0_2_0
Modified library and package test Makefile fragments to allow compilation
of .cxx files as weel as .cpp files in CondDBMySQL.
Select MySQL (4.0.13) tool for CondDBMySQL.
Include CondDBMySQL in bootstrap files.
Split Oracle and OCCI into two separate tools.
Moved Oracle to 'oracle' in the SPI ToolBox.
Adopt lowercase SPI convention for all Oracle based tools.
Select gcc3 tool from the SPI SCRAMToolBox.
Require [without selecting yet] POOL (1.6.1) and MySQLpp
(1.7.9_mysql.4.0.13) tools to start integration of POOL and CONDDB.
Update bootstrap files for public release CONDDB_0_1_0.
Define three types of bootstrap files: BootStrapFile (only SCRAM config),
BootStrapFileSRC (also sources), BootStrapFileALL (also documentation).
Each of them also exists (with .HEAD suffix) for the HEAD CVS version.
!2004.03.25 - CONDDB-CONFIG_0_1_0
Update for internal release CONDDB_0_1_0-pre1.
Migration of CVS repository to the CVS service for LCG.
!2004.03.22 - CONDDB-CONFIG_0_0_2
Update for internal release CONDDB_0_0_0-pre3.
Update to newer SCRAMToolBox with Oracle10 support.
Tests against Oracle10 can be performed by building software
using the rh73_new_gcc2952(_dbg) and rh73_new_gcc32(_dbg) tags.
NB: The order of tags in the scram configuration files is important
because scram performs some sort of pattern matching: the xxx_yyy tags
should follow the xxx tags in tools.conf, as otherwise scram would
use the xxx tool configuration in setting up the xxx_yyy tools.
[Thanks to Ioannis for pointing out this undocumented "feature" of scram!]
!2004.02.25 - (not tagged)
Configuration to test the Oracle gcc3 OCCI library if it becomes available.
Upgrade Oracle from version 9.2.0 to version
Include bootstrap files for HEAD version project CONDDB_HEAD
(BootStrapFile.HEAD and BootStrapFileSRC.HEAD).
!2004.02.23 - CONDDB-CONFIG_0_0_1
Update for internal release CONDDB_0_0_0-pre2.
!2003.11.25 - CONDDB-CONFIG_0_0_0
First release of SCRAM configuration for internal release CONDDB_0_0_0-pre1.
Copied most files from the POOL project SCRAM configuration
(thanks to Ioannis for his help).
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