Commit 95fa1846 authored by Andrea Valassi's avatar Andrea Valassi
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Skip "tokens" on mac as it hangs on macitois18 (SPI-925)

git-svn-id: file:///git/lcgcool.svndb/cool/trunk@20100 4525493e-7705-40b1-a816-d608a930855b
parent 53c7dd46
......@@ -274,6 +274,8 @@ class TextResultStream(FileResultStream):
try: self.file.write( check_output(["klist"],stderr=STDOUT) )
except CalledProcessError,e: self.file.write( e.output )
except OSError,e: self.file.write( "klist failed (" + e.strerror + ")\n" )
import platform
if platform.system() != "Darwin" : # Skip tokens on mac (hangs on macitois18, SPI-925)
self._DisplayHeading("ENVIRONMENT: AFS TOKENS")
try: self.file.write( check_output(["tokens"],stderr=STDOUT) )
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