Commit b3df8807 authored by Charles Delort's avatar Charles Delort
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CORALCOOL-3077:fix default version of python issues

parent 42137f0e
......@@ -195,7 +195,7 @@ CMAKEFLAGS="-DLCG_releases_base:STRING=${lcgrel} $CMAKEFLAGS"
# Set up Python3 (CORALCOOL-2976)
# [This is a CORAL/COOL variable, not a CMake standard variable]
if [[ ${lcgrel} =~ "python3" ]]; then
if [[ ! ${lcgrel} =~ "python2" ]]; then
# Also set up Python_ADDITIONAL_VERSIONS
Python_config_version_twodigit=$(${lcgrel}/bin/python -V | awk '{split($2,a,"."); print a[1]"."a[2]}')
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