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      THIRD BIG CHANGE. · 7568a6b1
      Andrea Valassi authored
      As before, setValue("") is equivalent to setNull().
      Again, this is the ONLY special feature of strings.
      But this time, they both result in the variable being equal to ""
      and not null. Both data() and addressOfData will return values
      compatible with "", while isNull() will return false.
      Note in particular that wrapped attributes and attribute lists are
      reinterpreted in such a way that fields are considered equal to ""
      both if the corresponding attributes are null and if they are "".
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      The IRecord base class manages field names and indexes according to the · 5065099f
      Andrea Valassi authored
      record specification (the implementation of size, index and operator[]
      is inlined in IRecord and delegated to IRecordSpecification). It is up
      to the concrete derived class to implement field() and manage its data
      (e.g. within an AttributeList) in the appropriate way, in particular to
      validate data values against the relevant storage type constraints.
      Remove operators from derived classes, add method field() instead.
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      Add comments: · db96c1fc
      Andrea Valassi authored
      The AttributeList must have AT LEAST all the fields required by the
      IRecordSpecification (with the correct name and storage type), but it
      may have more: it is reinterpreted according to the new specification.
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      1. · 5e8c018c
      Andrea Valassi authored
      Keep implicit conversion operator() to Attribute[List]
      only in the abstract IField and IRecord classes.
      Implement them in terms of attribute() and attributeList() methods.
      Enclose within #ifdef COOL13 onnly some code in IField and IRecord:
      the virtual attribute() and attributeList() methods = 0,
      and the operators implemented in terms of them.
      Keep in any case the attribute() and attributeList() methods
      in all concrete classes.
      In summary: if we remove backward compatibility extensions,
      we would only touch the abstract base classes IField and IRecord,
      which would then become AttributeList-free.
      The concrete classes may remain AttributeList-aware in all cases,
      since in any case they are defined as wrapper to Attribute[List]s!
      Move non-const methods of ConstFieldAdapter to private
      (or remove them if their presence is not requested by the base class).
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      Remove clone() - previously commented out. · f3c1d42c
      Andrea Valassi authored
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      Move non-const methods of ConstRecordAdapter to private. · 3ef57186
      Andrea Valassi authored
      This makes it possible to catch additional problems at build time.
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      Rename [Const]Field as [Const]FieldAdapter. · c2259226
      Andrea Valassi authored
      Replace toOutputStream by print and printValue methods.
      Add operator<< consistently. Remove toString() method.
      Add IField::compareValue and use it to implement operator==.
      git-svn-id: file:///git/lcgcool.svndb/cool/trunk@7794 4525493e-7705-40b1-a816-d608a930855b
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