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DataModelRunTests: update test reference

IncidentProcAlg is re-entrant in Gaudi V35r1.
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......@@ -174,7 +174,7 @@ PrecedenceSvc 0 INFO
AthAlgEvtSeq [Seq] [Sequential]
AthBeginSeq [Seq] [Sequential] [Prompt]
BeginIncFiringAlg [Alg] [n= 0]
IncidentProcAlg1 [Alg] [n= 1] [unclonable]
IncidentProcAlg1 [Alg] [n= 0] [unclonable]
AthAllAlgSeq [Seq] [Concurrent]
AthAlgSeq [Seq] [Concurrent] [PASS]
SGInputLoader [Alg] [n= 1]
......@@ -193,7 +193,7 @@ PrecedenceSvc 0 INFO
AthCondSeq [Seq] [Concurrent]
AthEndSeq [Seq] [Sequential] [Prompt]
EndIncFiringAlg [Alg] [n= 0]
IncidentProcAlg2 [Alg] [n= 1] [unclonable]
IncidentProcAlg2 [Alg] [n= 0] [unclonable]
AthOutSeq [Seq] [Concurrent]
AthenaHiveEventLoopMgr 0 INFO Setup EventSelector service EventSelector
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