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......@@ -14,9 +14,9 @@ matching script.
The script [data/etc/](data/etc/ (and its `csh`
counterpart) are used to provide customization of the user environment for CERN.
By default the script sets site specific environment variables and enable
the LHCb User Environment (LbEnv) toolkit (e.g. lb-run, lb-dev).
It is meant to be the main entry point (for HEPIX), and delegate to the files
in `cern_profile.d` for the basic environment, and to `` for
the rest.
The user can control the behaviour of the script by means of special files
in the home directory:
......@@ -27,7 +27,8 @@ in the home directory:
equivalent to _stable_
For backward compatibility we also accept:
- `.noLHCBLoginscript`: same as `.nogrouplogin`
- `.noLHCBLoginscript`: same as `.nogrouplogin` (temporarily disabled until
the new scripts will be commissioned)
- `.devLHCBLoginscript`: if present, equivalent to `.lbenv_flavour` containing
......@@ -39,3 +40,6 @@ In this gitlab project we build an RPM with the scripts
(for `<flavour>` in _stable_, _testing_ and _unstable_)
- `LbEnv`, ``, `LbEnv.csh` (shortcuts for flavour _stable_)
- ``, `cern_profile.csh`
The `LbEnv*` scripts are installed directly in `$MYSITEROOT`, while the
`cern_profile.*` once in `$MYSITEROOT/etc`.
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