Commit d43c38ae authored by Ben Couturier's avatar Ben Couturier
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Merge branch 'clemenci-master-patch-46502' into 'master'

Fix special case of LbEnv.csh called from tcsh login or rc

See merge request !6
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......@@ -16,7 +16,11 @@ if ( ! $?LBENV_SOURCED ) then
if ( -e %lbenv_root%/$_host_os/bin/activate.csh ) then
source %lbenv_root%/$_host_os/bin/activate.csh
eval `python -m LbEnv --csh --siteroot %siteroot% !:2* || echo deactivate`
if ( `history 1 | wc -l` ) then
eval `python -m LbEnv --csh --siteroot %siteroot% !:2* || echo deactivate`
eval `python -m LbEnv --csh --siteroot %siteroot% || echo deactivate`
echo "Platform not supported ($_host_os)"
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