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Use enumerate

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......@@ -77,8 +77,9 @@ def list_stacks_to_release(stack_paths, siteroot):
# 2. Iterate to generate the stack in the exported format
tobuild = []
for stack in inc_stacks:
stack_number = 0
for stack_number, (platform, project_list) in enumerate(sorted(stack.builds_to_do())):
for stack_number, (platform, project_list) in enumerate(
sorted(stack.builds_to_do()), 1
# First checking if another build has the same projects exactly
# Then add platform to it instead of creating a new build
# The sort is to have a stable order in order to keep the stack
......@@ -98,7 +99,6 @@ def list_stacks_to_release(stack_paths, siteroot):
# In this file for the nightlies we list the whole stack config
# and the one already done (so the complement of the info we have)
data = dict()
stack_number += 1
data["build_tool"] = stack.build_tool()
data["platforms"] = [platform]
data["projects"] = stack.projects(with_toolchain=True)
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