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Only suffix stack number with index starting from the second one

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......@@ -78,7 +78,7 @@ def list_stacks_to_release(stack_paths, siteroot):
tobuild = []
for stack in inc_stacks:
for stack_number, (platform, project_list) in enumerate(
sorted(stack.builds_to_do()), 1
# First checking if another build has the same projects exactly
# Then add platform to it instead of creating a new build
......@@ -107,7 +107,10 @@ def list_stacks_to_release(stack_paths, siteroot):
for p, v in stack.projects(with_toolchain=True).items()
if (p, v) not in project_list
data["name"] = f"{}-{stack_number}"
if stack_number:
data["name"] = f"{}-{stack_number}"
data["name"] =
tobuild.append((data, set(project_list)))
return sorted([d for d, _ in tobuild], key=lambda d: d["name"])
......@@ -116,7 +116,7 @@ def test_incomplete_stacks(lhcb_install_area):
def test_stacks_to_release(lhcb_install_area):
release = lhcbstacks.list_stacks_to_release([STACK_DIR], lhcb_install_area)
result_json = json.dumps(release, sort_keys=True)
expected = '[{"build_tool": "cmt", "deployed": {"LCG": "60"}, "name": "CMTStack-1", "platforms": ["x86_64-centos7-gcc9-do0", "x86_64-centos7-gcc9-opt"], "projects": {"Gaudi": "v1r1", "LCG": "60", "LHCb": "v1r1"}}, {"build_tool": "cmake", "deployed": {"LCG": "97a"}, "name": "Gaudi_v35r2-1", "platforms": ["x86_64+avx2+fma-centos7-gcc9-opt", "x86_64-centos7-clang8-dbg", "x86_64-centos7-clang8-opt", "x86_64-centos7-gcc9-dbg", "x86_64-centos7-gcc9-do0", "x86_64-centos7-gcc9-opt"], "projects": {"Gaudi": "v35r2", "LCG": "97a"}}, {"build_tool": "cmake", "deployed": {"LCG": "97a"}, "name": "Run3Analysis202008-1", "platforms": ["x86_64+avx2+fma-centos7-gcc9-opt", "x86_64-centos7-gcc9-do0"], "projects": {"Analysis": "v32r0", "DaVinci": "v52r0", "Detector": "v0r5", "Gaudi": "v33r2", "LCG": "97a", "LHCb": "v51r1", "Lbcom": "v31r1", "Phys": "v31r1", "Rec": "v31r1"}}, {"build_tool": "cmake", "deployed": {"Analysis": "v32r0", "Detector": "v0r5", "Gaudi": "v33r2", "LCG": "97a", "LHCb": "v51r1", "Lbcom": "v31r1", "Phys": "v31r1", "Rec": "v31r1"}, "name": "Run3Analysis202008-2", "platforms": ["x86_64-centos7-clang8-dbg"], "projects": {"Analysis": "v32r0", "DaVinci": "v52r0", "Detector": "v0r5", "Gaudi": "v33r2", "LCG": "97a", "LHCb": "v51r1", "Lbcom": "v31r1", "Phys": "v31r1", "Rec": "v31r1"}}]'
expected = '[{"build_tool": "cmt", "deployed": {"LCG": "60"}, "name": "CMTStack", "platforms": ["x86_64-centos7-gcc9-do0", "x86_64-centos7-gcc9-opt"], "projects": {"Gaudi": "v1r1", "LCG": "60", "LHCb": "v1r1"}}, {"build_tool": "cmake", "deployed": {"LCG": "97a"}, "name": "Gaudi_v35r2", "platforms": ["x86_64+avx2+fma-centos7-gcc9-opt", "x86_64-centos7-clang8-dbg", "x86_64-centos7-clang8-opt", "x86_64-centos7-gcc9-dbg", "x86_64-centos7-gcc9-do0", "x86_64-centos7-gcc9-opt"], "projects": {"Gaudi": "v35r2", "LCG": "97a"}}, {"build_tool": "cmake", "deployed": {"LCG": "97a"}, "name": "Run3Analysis202008", "platforms": ["x86_64+avx2+fma-centos7-gcc9-opt", "x86_64-centos7-gcc9-do0"], "projects": {"Analysis": "v32r0", "DaVinci": "v52r0", "Detector": "v0r5", "Gaudi": "v33r2", "LCG": "97a", "LHCb": "v51r1", "Lbcom": "v31r1", "Phys": "v31r1", "Rec": "v31r1"}}, {"build_tool": "cmake", "deployed": {"Analysis": "v32r0", "Detector": "v0r5", "Gaudi": "v33r2", "LCG": "97a", "LHCb": "v51r1", "Lbcom": "v31r1", "Phys": "v31r1", "Rec": "v31r1"}, "name": "Run3Analysis202008-1", "platforms": ["x86_64-centos7-clang8-dbg"], "projects": {"Analysis": "v32r0", "DaVinci": "v52r0", "Detector": "v0r5", "Gaudi": "v33r2", "LCG": "97a", "LHCb": "v51r1", "Lbcom": "v31r1", "Phys": "v31r1", "Rec": "v31r1"}}]'
assert result_json == expected
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