Commit 3ee50fe6 authored by Aidan Richard Wiederhold's avatar Aidan Richard Wiederhold
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Merge branch 'aiwieder/job_chain_files' into 'master'

Set filetype automatically if given a single output job as input

See merge request !53
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......@@ -168,6 +168,13 @@ def recursively_create_input(production_name, job_name, filetype, prod_data):
raise NotImplementedError(
f"Looking for {filetype} but {job_name} only produces {output_filetypes}"
if len(output_filetypes) > 1:
raise ValueError(
"An input filetype must be specified when taking input from a multi-output job!"
filetype = output_filetypes[0]
# Run the job the desired job depends on
result = logging_subprocess_run(
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