Commit 5430d57d authored by Chris Burr's avatar Chris Burr
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Merge branch 'aiwieder/LFN_input' into 'master'

Generate xml catalog when taking an LFN as dependent input

See merge request !54
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......@@ -112,6 +112,11 @@ def prepare_test(production_name, job_name, dependent_input=None):
if "bk_query" in job_data["input"] or "transform_ids" in job_data["input"]:
if dependent_input is not None:
prodrun_conf["input"]["files"] = [dependent_input]
if "LFN:" in dependent_input:
(out_dir / "pool_xml_catalog.xml").write_text(
prodrun_conf["input"]["xml_file_catalog"] = "pool_xml_catalog.xml"
response =
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