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Added comment instructing how to use dev_event_list_t.

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......@@ -302,6 +302,29 @@ In other words, in the code above:
* `parameters.dev_saxpy_output` decays to `float*`.
* `parameters.saxpy_scale_factor` decays to `float`, and has default value `2.f`.
How to access processing event in other algorithms
Typically, events are processed by independent blocks of execution. When that's the case, the invocation of the global function happens with as many blocks as events in the event list. Eg.
Then, in the kernel itself, in order to access the event under execution, the following idiom is used:
__global__ void kernel(namespace::Parameters parameters) {
const unsigned event_number = parameters.dev_event_list[blockIdx.x];
const unsigned number_of_events = parameters.dev_number_of_events[0];
Configuring the algorithm in a sequence
The last thing remaining is to add the algorithm to a sequence, and run it.
* [This readme](configuration/ explains how to configure the algorithms in an HLT1 sequence.
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