1. 06 Aug, 2022 2 commits
  2. 05 Aug, 2022 1 commit
  3. 04 Aug, 2022 5 commits
  4. 03 Aug, 2022 11 commits
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      Fixed formatting · c1cd5544
      Gitlab CI authored
      patch generated by https://gitlab.cern.ch/lhcb/Allen/-/jobs/23736725
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      Merge branch 'v2r2-release' into 'master' · 27e4c9fb
      Christopher Rob Jones authored
      Documentation and dependencies for v2r2 release
      See merge request !958
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      Cleaning DumpMuonGeometry · b156e50c
      Saverio Mariani authored
      Avoid code duplication in DumpMuonTabel
      Remove further commented printouts
      Further cleaning of decoding files
      Drop usage of getDet
      make DumpMuonGeometry inherit from Dumper base class
      Remove CablingCond
      Make TestMuonTabel work
      Fix TestMuonTable crash after getDet removal
      Add header to fix DD4HEP compilation
      Clean after rebase
      Proper Allen::device::span.
      Replace abs with fabsf to remove warnings
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      Parallelize MuonCalculateSRQSize. · 28ee7181
      Daniel Hugo Campora Perez authored
      Update muon_populate_tile_and_tdc_t.
      Refactor muonaddcoordscrossingmaps.
      Make code compilable with cuda.
      Properly parallelize.
      Make compatible and test against GPU.
      Update tests and geometries.
      Fix HIP compilation and test compilation.
      Remove duplicated test
      Make code compilable with HIP.
      Added HostCommon to tests for proper linkage.
      Update test name in CMakeList
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      Propagate MuonRawBank types and add protections in muon decoding to skip invalid banks · fbc07ba8
      Saverio Mariani authored
      Fix MuonRawEvent in test_mep_banks as well
      Implement MuonGeometry versioning
      Simplify TDC and layout evaluations
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      Starting to add versioning to CalculateSRQSize · 4352fda2
      Saverio Mariani authored
      Compiling CalculateSRQSize and PopulateTileTDC
      Add versioning to AddCoordCrossingMaps
      First addCoordsCrossingMap version
      [Decoding Tests] Draft of a Muon decoding test
      fix span initialization; don't parallelize the muon decoding
      Fix bug in MuonGeometry consumer
      Fixes to MuonPopulateTileAndTDC
      Fix all seg faults in the muon decoding sequence
      Fix CoordsCrossingMap, TestMuonHits is successfull
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      minor fixes · ebba8e40
      Saverio Mariani authored
      Add version bit and constants
      add versioning to MuonTables
      Add versioning to MuonGeometry class
      First MuonGeometry consumer version
      Remove duplicated Dumpmuontable class
      Solve conflicts
      Clean after rebase
      Add missing fix
      Minor fix
      Fix sequence for standalone running
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      WIP · 477e8a9d
      Roel Aaij authored
      Allow dumping binary files from AllenTESProducer and output bytes written as a counter
      Remove obsolete files
      Fix reference
      Add old UT dumpers back in
      Update UT converters and config
      Remove obsolete files
      Update config.py and some cleanup
      Add old UT dumpers back in
      Update UT converters and config
      Converting Muon to algorithms
      Make Dumpers compile
      Fix config file
      Re-enable GaudiException
      Fix compilation crashes
      Fix dates
      First versioning version with hard-coded MuonBank version
      Introduce versioning for MuonTables as well
      Fix condition passing to dumpers
      Minor fix
      add versioning for consumer, start dumping of which_stationIsTell40
      WIP on DumpMuonGeometry Table
      Dumping Version 0, to be tested
      Fix BasePath
      Add the last function and apply FT changes
      Write mapTileinTell40 table
      Fix dX and dY dumping
      First Dirty but successfully tested DumpMuonTable version
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