2018-08-07 Boole v40r1

This version uses Lbcom v30r1, LHCb v50r1, Gaudi v30r3 and LCG_93 with ROOT 6.12.06.

This version is a production release for all simulations

This version is released on master branch. The previous release on master branch was Boole v40r0.

New features

  • Updated VeloSim and VeloRadDamage to use new 2nd metal model (optionally) if requested by SIMCOND, Lbcom!239, !152 (@hcroft)
    New model makes the cluster size closer to the data in the MC. For details see the presentations in the T&A/Simulation meeting: https://indico.cern.ch/event/693499/

  • MCFTG4AttenuationTool updated to allow different attenuation maps, !157, !158 (@sesen) [LHCBSCIFI-122]
    We have attenuation maps at different irradiation levels: 0, 1, 10, 25, 50, 100/fb with power-law model and 50, 100/fb also with linear model. These can be selected w ith
    MCFTDepositCreator().MCFTG4AttenuationTool.Irradiation = 10 (default:50)
    MCFTDepositCreator().MCFTG4AttenuationTool.IrradiationLinearModel = true (default:false)

  • Reproducible MDF content, LHCb!1217 (@rmatev)
    Ensures strict reproducibility of MDFs. It has no observable effect except for helping the testing in Moore.


Bug fixes

Code modernisations and cleanups